A complete guide to the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Rome – UPDATED 2022

Meat-centric capital of spaghetti all’amatriciana and coda alla vaccinara, due to the always higher demand from both locals and tourists, the capital, too, had to adapt and start offering vegetarian options. And now, some of the best vegan restaurants in Rome have become popular eateries among both residents and travelers.

Careful not to disappoint who expects the best from the Italian food in Italy, the vegetarian restaurants in Rome serve an absolutely mouthwatering selection of eats that will make everyone happy, vegetarians and not.

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Your go-to guide to the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Rome:

Italian food is very diverse, so if you are a vegetarian or following a plant-based diet, also in normal restaurants you are bound to find dishes that will meet your dietary needs. Plus, now with the increasing demand, everyone is adapting and vegan/vegetarian choices are always more frequent on most menus.

However, if you want a wider choice of vegan, vegetarian, plant-based and even raw food choices, keep reading and take note!

Top vegan restaurants in Rome romeow cat bistrot
Romeow is one of the vegetarian restaurants in Rome you can’t miss

Margutta RistorArte

Iconic vegetarian restaurant in Rome, Margutta is open since 1979 and has never shown any sign of cooling. This is a luxury eatery and art gallery. Here you will find an absolutely mouthwatering selection of vegan and vegetarian dishes made with ingredients carefully chosen and strictly fresh, seasonal and local.

The same restaurant, in fact, runs also a rich garden in the Parco Veio north of Rome for the vegetables and the fruits that come from local Latium’s producers.

Not only food of the highest quality but also an exclusive location. The name, in fact, was given after the street this restaurant is on, Via Margutta, a historical narrow road off the famous Via del Corso and near Piazza del Popolo. Initially just the backroad of the palaces in Via del Babuino where the aristocrats would park their carts and horses, an artist who opened his own workshop making fountains and portraits kicked off a new era for Via Margutta and now it seems a green oasis in the heart of Rome.

The restaurant contemplates a variety of dining options.

Every day from 12.30 pm to 3.30 pm there is a buffet with some fifty recipes and four nutritional “routes” (light&detox, protein, vegan and gluten-free). A bistro-style menu from 6.30 to 11.30 pm is perfect for a light meal and street-food-style courses for an affordable dinner. Finally, they offer fancy dinner formula with elegant dishes, haute cuisine, light and tempting.

There is also a Bio Bar open from morning to evening that serves coffee, a wide range of teas and herbal teas, pastries, cakes and fruit juices and smoothies.

Even though the menu changes depending on the season, some of the dishes you won’t want to miss are pasta on a celery, truffle and apple extract sauce, fennel stew with carbonara foam, seitan crust, and spinach powder, or grilled mushroom and soy burger served with fresh French fries, freshly made veg mayonnaise, ketchup and chilli mustard.

  • Address: Via Margutta 118; phone: +36 06 3265 0577; website: http://www.ilmargutta.bio/; hours: open 9 am-11 pm.
  • Nearby landmarks: Piazza del Popolo, Villa Borghese, Piazza di Spagna, Piazza Venezia, Pantheon.

Romeow Cat Bistrot

If you love being cuddled by our furry friends while enjoying a nice vegetable mousse, crunchy seitan, delectable curry couscous or some delicious velvety soup, Romeow Cat Bistrot is your place.

Inspired by the Japanese tradition of cat cafes, Romeow is one of the best vegan restaurants in Rome. Its owners added a mouthwatering menu for lunch and dinner to an always-open bistro and coffee shop where you can enjoy a coffee, an afternoon tea with homemade cakes, or a nice smoothie. Everything strictly vegan, everything strictly organic.

Pretty hard to suggest a dish to try as the menu changes constantly depending on seasonal ingredients, but for example, in autumn you will want to try dishes featuring pumpkin, chestnuts or mushrooms, while in summer something with zucchini, eggplant or bell pepper. New season, new menu. The only element that is never missing are the six lovely cats that wander around and sometimes approach you for some cuddles.

  • Address: Via Francesco Negri 15
  • Website
  • Nearby landmarks: Romeow is in the hip Ostiense neighborhood and in nearby Blu’s street art along Via Ostiense and more street art along Via dei Magazzini Generali and Via del Commercio. In this area is also Rome’s old gasometer, and since you are here, do stop at La Romana for gelato, not exactly a landmark but you will thank me later.
Image: Dish at Romeow cat bistrot, vegetarian restaurant in Rome

Nativa, macrobiotic and plant-based restaurant in northern Rome

The fantastic Nativa vegan restaurant is not in the immediate city center but it’s quite close to the Vatican and very well connected via Rome public transport with metro, train and buses. They serve completely plant-based dishes that include starters, first and main courses as well as side dishes and fantastic cakes.

Their philosophy is inspired by the macrobiotic lifestyle so you will also have the option of ordering a Buddha bowl complete with all the macronutrients including proteins, carbs and veggies. Their cakes are also 100% plant-based and sweetened with fresh and dried fruits instead of white sugar. Definitely, a place to try if you are curious about this type of food or if you are a vegan yourself.

Address: Via Umberto Moricca 100; phone: 06 6400 8399; working hours: 12-3pm and 7.30-11pm; Website: facebook.com/nativaristorante.

Nearby landmarks: Vatican Museum is 20 minutes walk away and Villa Pamphilj park a short bus ride away.


One of the first vegetarian restaurants in Rome, Wine & Veg, formerly L’Insalatiera and La Taverna Vegetariana, delivers what it promises. In the menu, you can find both vegetarian (using dairy products and eggs) and vegan options, some dishes are original creations, some are dishes from the Italian culinary tradition prepared with a contemporary twist and plant-based ingredients.

The menu of Wine & Veg includes starters such as bruschetta and orange salad Sicilian style, first courses such as spelt with stir-fried veggies, curry couscous with veggies or grains and beans soup, and second courses including dishes like baked eggplant “non”-meatballs, gratinéed baked veggies with almonds or grain burger with coriander seeds. You can also order side dishes, large salads, and homemade cakes.
Address: Via Trionfale 94; phone: +39 06 3974 2975; website: http://www.tavernavegetariana.it/

Nearby landmarks: Wine & Veg is in the Trionfale area, so close to attractions like the Vatican Museums, St. Peter’s Basilica, Via Cola di Rienzo shopping street, Piazza Risorgimento, Piazza Cavour, and Castel Sant’Angelo (Hadrian Mausoleum).


Ops! is not really surrounded by tourist landmarks, but I absolutely recommend it. This delicious vegan restaurant in Rome prefers the buffet formula, which has a twofold effect: positive because you can try a wider selection of recipes, and negative because you want to try them all. Been there, done that, so I can give you a little tip. Don’t fill your dish the first time so you can still eat if there is something you want to have a bit more of!

At Ops!, too, the selection of dishes populating the buffet depends on the seasonal produce and it’s huge. Among the ingredients, you are likely to find tofu, seitan and pasta all cooked and dressed in many different ways, and cooked and raw veggies that are seasonal at that moment. My last time there was delighted by a pumpkin carpaccio, lasagne with seitan ragù sauce, polenta with herbs, baked potatoes with paprika, a delicious spicy tofu with veggies and many other delicacies.

Their selection of cakes is also pretty tempting. If you are even a little like me, you will try to resist and then you will succumb. The last one I tried was a delicious cream flavoured with cardamom and cinnamon and berries on top, but I struggled between this and an original version of vegan tiramisu.

Before you enter, you grab the sign you will place on your table and you go directly to the buffet. You fill your plate as much as you like and then you place it on the scale, where the waiter will take note and put your weight on your table. The price is 2.60 € per 100 g, water and cakes are not included.
Address: Via Bergamo 56; phone: +36 06 8411 769; website: http://opsveg.com/; hours: open daily 8.30 am-11 pm (Mondays until 3.30 pm), lunch is 12.30-3.30pm (cold dishes are out from 12) and dinner 7.30-11.30 pm (cold dishes are out from 7 pm).

Nearby landmarks: not much, but with some 10 minutes walk you can reach the quirky Coppedè Quarter designed by architect Gino Coppedè in a mix of Liberty and Art Déco styles that will make you feel in a different city altogether. The nearest big roads are Corso d’Italia and Via Nomentana, there are buses connecting with the city center or it’s about half an hour of pleasant walk to Piazza di Spagna, less than 20 minutes from Piazza Barberini and Via Veneto, some 15 minutes to Villa Borghese.

Top vegetarian restaurants in Rome
Ops! is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Rome

UPDATE: CLOSED – Lizard Bistrot

This vegan and vegetarian bistrot is far from the city centre, but around the area is Villa Flora historical park and one of Rome’s best gelato shops, Otaleg, so your trip for dinner is totally justified.

With the choice of dining either inside and al fresco, Lizard Bistrot prepares the dishes of the Roman and Mediterranean traditions vegan and vegetarian style, so making everyone happy.

Open only for dinner, their menu includes starters, first and second course, side dishes and a mouthwatering selection of desserts. Winking to international traditions, too, theirs is a fusion-style cuisine, so don’t be surprised to find vegan sushi, mixed veggies prepared on the wok Chinese-style and falafel alongside the Roman saltimbocca vegan-style and seitan “scaloppine” in lemon sauce.

Address: Via Virginia Agnelli 96-98; phone: +36 06 9357 0464; website: http://www.ristorantevegetarianoromasud.rm.it/; hours: open Tues-Sun 7 pm-12 am (Monday closed).

Nearby landmarks: the restaurant is located near the cool Via dei Colli Portuensi street and close to the city’s public park Villa Flora, a historical villa with the original buildings and a green boulevard. Inside Villa Flora is also a feline colony that you can visit and where you can also adopt a furry friend.

Ma Va’?

Among the top vegan restaurants in Rome, Ma Va’? vegan eatery opened some two years ago and became popular pretty quickly. Their offer consists of dishes from the Italian and Mediterranean traditions prepared with organic ingredients as local as possible.

Among the starters, try the Mediterranean appetizer made of chickpea hummus, eggplants, and tabouleh or potato soup with ginger, beans, and sesame seeds.

For the first course you can choose among delicacies such as whole-grain spaghetti in a pistachio pesto sauce, pasta with ginger, or purple potato gnocchi with cherry tomatoes, rocket salad, and veg cheese, while as a second course, you can order dishes like soy stew in coconut milk, potato stuffed with radish, red onion, olives and cherry tomatoes, or burger of eggplants, beans and mushrooms. You can also choose a side dish and a delicious dessert.

All dishes are available in their gluten-free version. Pets are welcome as long as they are small.
Address: Via Euclide Turba 6/8; phone: +39 06 3729 134 or mobile +39 392 341 8551; website: http://www.ristomava.com/; hours: lunch 12-3 pm, dinner 8-11.30 pm.

Nearby landmarks: located in the lovely Prati neighborhood, this vegetarian restaurant is close to the Vatican, Piazza Mazzini, Piazzale Clodio, and well-connected with public transport.

ma va best vegan restaurants in rome

Madre Terra (UPDATE – Permanently closed, maybe opening again in another area)

With a large offer of whole-food and gluten-free dishes, Madre Terra is a new-ish but quickly established as one of the best vegan restaurants in Rome. Immediately welcomed with great reviews, this is now one of the favorite vegetarian eateries in the Trieste/Nomentano neighborhood.

They offer every day different dishes, with a peek into the tradition in a vegan version. On the daily menu, you will find starters, first courses, soups, vegan sushi and for dinner also vegan pizza. Wednesday is PizzaParty day, so you can find the pizza also for lunch and for 10 euro you have a pizza made of 8 slices of different flavors. If everyone on your table orders the PizzaParty formula, with 10 euro you have unlimited pizza.

Among the other dishes, you will find pasta with different sauces, soups of seasonal vegetables, bowls with veggies, grains and sauces, or veggie burgers and pies as second courses.

We went on a Wednesday and tried the PizzaParty formula. Several types of pizza made with gluten-free rice and buckwheat flour and with the most diverse toppings. We would have loved to try also their sushi but we really ate too much pizza. For sure we will go back next time to try more of their dishes.

Prices are very reasonable, starting with 5 euro for a first course to 7-8 euro for a second course and 2-3 euro for a starter.
Address: Via Nomentana 223; phone: +39 06 4423 9392; website: https://www.facebook.com/madreterraroma/; hours: daily 12.30-3.30 pm and 7.30-11.45 pm, Saturday and Sunday open only for dinner.

Nearby landmarks: Madre Terra is a stone’s throw from the small Villa Torlonia Park, former Roman residence of Mussolini. Easy to reach by metro B, also the Coppedè Quarter, one of Rome’s hidden gems, is not too far and worth a visit.

madre terra vegan restaurant rome
Pizza at Madre Terra vegan restaurant in Rome


Buffet-style for lunch (9 euro during the week, 15 on the weekend), à la carte for dinner, Orto is a delicious vegetarian restaurant in Rome. Their philosophy: tasty meals, abundant portions, affordable prices! The ingredients are strictly organic, including the wines.

Surrounded by a simple decor farm-style you can enjoy gourmet treats such as fennel millefoglie, broccoli, bell pepper, cauliflower polpettone (meatloaf without meat, obviously), a tempting choice of big salads, soups and pasta dishes.

Saturday and Sunday they organize an all-you-can-eat buffet for a fixed price of 15€, water included.

Le Bistrot

Charmingly tucked away in the lovely Garbatella neighborhood (a traditional Roman working-class area), this vegan restaurant in Rome is a stylish bistro that offers a selection of original and refined courses such as amuse-bouche of Marsala-flavoured chestnuts, vegan goulash with potatoes, or radish dumplings with veg cheese and toffee onions, just to give you a hint on what to expect.

Here you can relax and enjoy true delicacies matched by top-notch wines in a candle-lit atmosphere. They also have a selection of gluten-free dishes.
Address: Via delle Sette Chiese 160; phone: +39 06 5128 991 or mobile +39 338 2686 540; website: http://www.ristorantelebistrot.com/; hours: open only for dinner, closed Sunday and holidays.

Nearby landmarks: Close to Via Cristoforo Colombo, it’s not really close to the city center, more to some catacombs area, such as Domitilla and St. Calixtus ones. This is mainly a locals’ area, and that’s why it’s insightful to the curious explorer.

UPDATE: CLOSED – La Capra Campa

Referring to an old Italian tongue-twister, this vegan restaurant is a bit far from the city center but definitely worth a stop if you feel like exploring a new neighborhood and a healthy hearty meal.

This modern bistro serves the classic dishes of the Roman and Latial tradition in a vegan twist. It opened a couple of years ago when Romans were still unsure about vegetarian cuisine but it resisted despite the locals’ apprehension.

Here, too, health is key, so the dishes on the menu will change according to the season. Some autumn delights are tempeh stir-fried with red wine and radish, seitan with olives, puntarelle (chicory sprouts very popular in Rome) and toasted rye bread, or pumpkin risotto. In other seasons you might find dishes like chili tofu with crunchy veggies, pasta with pesto sauce and fresh tomatoes, venus rice with zucchini, red onion, lime, and basil.

Ingredients such as veg cheese, herbs, almonds and other nuts creams are all made in-house, and the chefs also organize very popular cooking classes for the people who panic when they are expecting a vegan guest for dinner.

UPDATE: CLOSED – L’Arancia Blu

L’Arancia Blu is one of the well-known vegetarian restaurants in Rome. Both vegan and vegetarian, so dairy and egg products used in the dishes, this eatery likes to add a contemporary twist to its recipes but without disregarding the rich Italian culinary tradition.

Some of the delicacies are radicchio and taleggio cheese lasagna, spelt linguine pasta with chickpea cream, pecorino cheese and black truffle, courgette flowers stuffed with potatoes and basil pesto fried with rice flour and served on bean cream, or artichoke parmigiana served on a bed of basil and mint pesto. They offer a good selection of cakes all made in-house.

This restaurant has also a good range of cheese and Italian and French wines, and artisan beer, alongside fruit smoothies, teas, and infusions.


A colorful vegan eatery in the Pigneto area, So What?!? is run by two social activists who have also written a vegan-themed book, participated in TV shows, and held cooking classes. Their food is inspired by Italian international traditions, especially Middle Eastern. They prefer ingredients from the local producers, even better if coming from their own garden.

Their vegan restaurant in Rome serves dishes like pasta with broccoli and porcini mushrooms, trofie pasta with a hazelnut pesto sauce and sundried tomatoes, non-meatballs with veggies on a tomato sauce, and a delicious selection of cakes.

They promise guests won’t find any Buddhas, no Zen, no philosophy, just good food to enjoy in a cozy atmosphere decorated with illustrations and posters.

UPDATE: CLOSED – Il GecoBiondo

Yes, you’ve read it right, the name means the blonde gecko. Open for some ten years, this is one of the first vegetarian restaurants in Rome and has innovative courses on its menu served in original formats, fixed prices or à la carte, you choose.

On the menu, raw veggies, soups, starters, first courses of different types of pasta and lasagna, second courses such as marinated seitan carpaccio with thyme, lemon and chives, and side dishes. To round off a delicious meal, they propose a tempting selection of traditional cakes prepared following a vegan perspective, so no dairy nor eggs.

Casual and intimate ambiance for a tranquil meal, albeit far from the city center.


Finally, we are at the dessert. Where? At Grezzo, raw, vegan, delicious. Here you can stop for a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack, it’s a bit pricey but you can bet on the quality and on your tasting buds happiness.


Top vegetarian restaurants in Rome

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