Grezzo Promises Delicious Raw Vegan Pastries and Lives Up to Expectations

It happened, at last. Rome finally has her own raw vegan pastry shop, Grezzo. With two shops, one located in the Monti neighborhood and one in the Jewish Quarter, Grezzo’s founder claims to be the first pastry, chocolate, and gelato shop in the whole world to serve fully raw, vegan, and gluten-free recipes using only organic ingredients.

Raw-Vegan Pastries and Treats, What You Will Find at Grezzo’s

Image: A fruit-filled cake from Rome's Grezzo raw vegan bakery shop
A fruit-filled cake from Rome’s Grezzo raw vegan bakery shop

A daring, bold, and somehow audacious statement that definitely tickled my gluttonous fancy and got me into trying it out. Truth to be said, if you knew about my outrageously soft spot for anything sweet, you wouldn’t be surprised. As I had decided to cut out a bit on pastry consumption, I was a little reluctant to cheat on my self-made healthy diet. But the curiosity was too big, so there I was, in the little shop of Monti neighborhood with an inviting choice of delicacies on display.

Sachertorte, brownies, chocolate/coconut/pistachio pastries, tiramisu, fruit cheesecakes, and all types of mousse flavors created by unique blends of ingredients such as cocoa beans from Ecuador, coconut sugar, almonds from Sicily, hazelnuts from Piedmont, and dates from California among the others, were just too much of a mouthwatering view for me to resist.

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Image: Raw vegan Sachertorte from Grezzo in Rome
Raw vegan Sachertorte

Apart from all types of “traditional” cakes, Grezzo sells also nuts and chocolate creams, cookies and biscuits, chocolate tablets, cocoa beans, and makes fantastic “energy balls”, a concentration of energy using ingredients such as raw cocoa, nuts, spirulina micro-algae, peanuts, beetroot, dog rose, and more.

My Experience at Grezzo’s

I visited Grezzo a few times both alone and dragging a few initially reluctant people with me who quickly became fans, amazed at how such a luscious experience didn’t need to be a guilty sin but could be even healthy. I have tried many things including Sachertorte sold in single-serving portions, fruit mousse, raspberry cheesecake, obviously raw and dairy-free, their gelato, and several other cakes and cookies.

Apart from being absolutely delicious, the best benefit is that after I ate them I didn’t feel anywhere near heavy or tired. Not too sweet, being every cake made with raw ingredients translates into an explosion of flavors with the precious perk of fully maintaining the health properties of the fruits, nuts, and seeds used.

Image: Mono portions of different types of cakes from Grezzo in Rome
Mono portions of different types of cakes

Getting to more practical pieces of information, the price is slightly higher than your normal bakery, but I guess that’s what you pay for bio/organic products. All the mono-portion cakes and mousses cost between 5 and 6 euro, while the full-size cakes vary from 12-15 euro up, depending on the size and the type.

Grezzo has quickly become my go-to dessert place after eating at any of the restaurants in Rome city center and Monti area. It’s only a coincidence that I’m vegetarian and I particularly enjoy vegan recipes, because judging from the crowd I’ve always found even at night time, I’m sure their gentle flavors are appreciated by any kind of eater.

Image: Raw vegan chocolate and hazelnut cake at Grezzo
Raw vegan chocolate and hazelnut cake

Defined by the founders Nicola Salvi and Vito Cortese as “the healthy evolution of sweet”, Grezzo’s key ingredient is raw chocolate, both for its flavor and its many health benefits and nutrition facts, such as being naturally rich in antioxidants and magnesium. All products you will find on sale here are gluten/dairy/sugar/egg/soy/yeast-free and no ingredient contains preservatives nor any kind of chemical additives and food coloring.

Delicious is an understatement, and while I’m not easy on compliments, I feel pretty confident in recommending this little corner created for the gourmands and epicurean bon vivants out there.

Image: raw vegan pastry from Grezzo in Rome

Practical info:

  • Address: Via Urbana 130 and Piazza Mattei 14.
  • How to reach: Monti shop: Metro stop Cavour (line B, blue), Jewish Ghetto shop: Tram 8, Arenula stop.
  • Phone: +39 392 9672 141. Monti shop: +39 06 483 443, Jewish Ghetto shop: +39 06 8398 0261
  • Opening hours: Every day from 12 pm to 8 pm, Friday and Saturday until 11 pm.
  • Website.
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