Rome for Foodies eBook – Tasting Rome By Neighbourhood

With so many fantastic restaurants, deciding where to eat in Rome can be overwhelming. And sometimes even experienced travellers can fall into the tourist trap, especially in the city centre.

This is not a lifeless list of eateries, but a careful selection of restaurants locals love.

This eBook wants to be a Rome food guide to the traditional flavours as well as what is new, different and exciting in the city.

The information we provide in this Rome for foodie travel guide suits every type of traveller, palate and dietary needs. Be it vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-intolerant or fish lover.

Rome for Foodies eBook

How to find the best places to eat in Rome?

With a huge selection of old and new restaurants, bistros, cafes, trattorias, cocktail bars and street food eateries that don’t shy away from trying new flavours and new cooking techniques, Rome is a fantastic destination for food lovers.

The easiest way to find the best restaurants in Rome is to ask a local. And this easy-to-navigate guide is just this: a local’s advice on where to eat in Rome.

My personal experience from almost 20 years living in Rome, trying new restaurants and visiting new places is what makes this eBook a unique guide to eating out in the city.

For each day we provide one or more options for every meal, so that you can choose depending on your preferences, budget and location.

We suggested easy routes in five of Rome neighbourhoods including some of the most important landmarks and the restaurants to stop along the way.

Traditional, classic with a modern twist, fusion, foreign flavours, street-food style formal and casual, our selection of restaurants will make everyone happy.

What will you find in our Rome food guide eBook?

Each itinerary will take you to explore a different neighbourhood. For each district covered in this food lover’s guide to Rome, you will learn where are the best eateries and the historical landmarks in their surroundings.

Are you a vegetarian? Do you want to try traditional Roman food? Do you prefer Roman food with a contemporary twist? This guide includes restaurants for meat-eaters, fish and seafood fans, vegans and vegetarians, pizza lovers and places for adventurous palates.

For each neighbourhood, touristy or not, you will find the most important landmarks and how to reach them.

For each restaurant, this eBook will provide you with the necessary practical information such as address, how to reach, link to Google map, phone number, opening hours, prices and website.

In this ebook, you will find addresses for all the meals of the day. From breakfast to lunch to dinner, you will have all the main meals in Rome covered. Depending on the neighbourhood, we included some suggestions for a great gelato, a nice aperitif, or an after-dinner drink.

Rome is our hometown, we have the opportunity to experience what it has to offer every day. This eBook gives you the chance to travel and eat like a local.

Rome for Foodies eBook

“Our Rome itinerary for food lovers wants to be one-of-a-kind and suggest great restaurants without falling in the obvious. This is why we left out the most famous places like Felice a Testaccio, Armando al Pantheon, Sora Lella, Roscioli and Eataly: for as delicious as they are, they are included in just about every top-10 list out there, from TripAdvisor to Condé Nast Traveller.”

What you won’t find in this Rome food guide eBook

❌ Advertisement. No restaurant mention is a sponsored listing. They were all chosen for their quality and delicious dishes.
❌ Lengthy description of the landmarks. You will have a list of attractions to visit but in the end, this is a foodies’ itinerary.
❌ Tourist restaurants. We aimed at giving you the best addresses, not the most crowded.
❌ Not all Rome neighbourhoods are covered. This would be impossible in a single book. Check out our website for more.

A detailed Rome itinerary for food lovers to help you tailor a delicious vacation.

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