14 Best Rooftop Restaurants in Rome

Who doesn’t want to dine in the best rooftop restaurants in Rome? Whether it’s for a romantic dinner or the pleasure of enjoying a delicious meal with a view, rooftop dining in Rome is always a favorite option among locals and tourists.

Summer is usually very hot so having an al fresco dinner with a view of Rome after sunset is a great way to chill out and ward off some of the heat of the day. Some diners on our list are luxury restaurants on the rooftop of 4 or 5-star hotels, but we also found more affordable but no less seductive choices.

Settimo, Sofitel Roma Villa Borghese

One of our favorite rooftop restaurants in Rome certainly is Settimo, the fancy diner of Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese 5-star hotel. Decorated with green shades, plants, and jungle patterns, the menu of Settimo restaurant is a list of original fine-dining dishes.

Serving delicious contemporary Roman cuisine on the hotel’s terrace on the 7th floor, Settimo offers a romantic experience so perfect if you are thinking about proposing in Rome.

Offering both inside and outside options for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Settimo is one of the best restaurants in Rome with a view. From its terrace, you can enjoy a 360-degree panorama over Via Veneto, the Ludovisi quarter, and much of the city center’s domes. And if you are not ready to leave the fantastic view after dinner, you can enjoy the eclectic and cozy style for a drink or cocktail until 12.30 am.

Between a memorable view of the city and a menu of revisited traditional dishes, Settimo promises an unforgettable all-Roman experience.

  • Where: Via Lombardia 47.
  • When: Breakfast every day 6.30-10.30 am (weekends 7-11 am), lunch 12-2 pm (weekends 12.30-2.30 pm), dinner 7-10.30 pm.
  • Site.
Image: Settimo one of the best rooftop restaurants in Rome

Casina Valadier

Casina Valadier inside the park of Villa Borghese is one of the most famous rooftop restaurants in Rome. Here you can choose to dine in one of the restaurants with a view because each floor offers different scenery and experience.

Starting from the open-air summer parlor, where guests can enjoy an al fresco meal from 7 pm around the local fountain, on the terrace, or under the shades of their green space, all the floors of the buildings serve as restaurants.

From the first Terrace floor you can take in the view of Villa Borghese gardens, from the Mirror Hall on the second floor, guests will have a view of Rome, the Pincio hill and Villa Borghese, while from the Vista restaurant on the third floor you can enjoy a romantic dinner with a view of the whole Rome city center.

This gourmet restaurant in the heart of one of Rome’s most beautiful historic gardens focuses on sustainable and ethical living promoting the best of Italian excellence.

If you are in the area before dinner, you can enjoy an al fresco drink or aperitif from 7 pm in the

  • Where: Piazza Bucharest.
  • When: Vista restaurant 12.30-3 pm and 7.30-11 pm. Hortus Bistrot from 7 pm. Closed on Monday.
  • Site.

Aroma Restaurant, Palazzo Manfredi

The restaurant of one of the best 5-star hotels in Rome couldn’t be less than extraordinary boasting a view that is really hard to beat right in front of the Colosseum. The rooftop terrace of Palazzo Manfredi serves the gourmet meals of the Michelin-starred Aroma restaurant, the innovative creations of the Bistrot overlooking Colle Oppio park, and the cocktails of The Court mixology bar.

Chef Giuseppe di Iorio promises dishes exclusively made with the highest-quality ingredients of Italian excellence and dishes out traditional flavors with a modern, sophisticated touch.

Admittedly, this is not a cheap eat, but with this luxury venue and the culinary experience, you wouldn’t think so. Their tasting menu starts at 130€ per person with 80€ wine pairing and gets up to 220€ per person with 110€ wine pairing. With this option, you can taste different courses including the dessert spending less than you would by ordering them all separately.

Thanks to its roof cover, you can enjoy your Roman meal with a view from the Aroma restaurant and the Bistrot every season.

  • Where: Via Labicana 125.
  • When: Lunch Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12.30 pm, dinner every day from 7 pm.
  • Site.

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Image: Aroma restaurant great for dining with a view in Rome
Photo courtesy of Palazzo Manfredi

Divinity Terrace, Lounge Bar & Restaurant

One of the most scenic rooftop restaurants in Rome, the Divinity Terrace is the gourmet diner of the iconic Pantheon Hotel. The Divinity Terrace Restaurant and Lounge Bar serves original dishes such as the very personal and revisited Amatriciana Gold and the kamut fettuccine on seafood puttanesca sauce.

Along with a rich wine list of some 400 labels, the Divinity Terrace offers also a daring spicy pizza menu and a tantalizing Italian pastry menu. Together with the restaurant, Divinity Terrace includes also one of the most scenic rooftop bars in Rome.

If you are sensitive to art and beauty, eating surrounded by the palaces and churches of Rome’s city center with the domes of the Pantheon, Sant’Ivo alla Sapienza, one of the masterpieces of Borromini in Rome, and Sant’Eustachio standing out among others.

  • Where: Via di Santa Chiara 4a.
  • When: Every day 11.30-12 am.
  • Site.
Image: Divinity Terrace one of the best rooftop restaurants in Rome
Photo courtesy of Divinity Terrace – Pantheon Hotel

Mirabelle Restaurant Rome, Splendide Royal Hotel

Mirabelle is yet another rooftop restaurant with a fantastic view in Rome part of a luxury hotel. Located on the 7th floor of the 5-star Splendid Royal Hotel, Mirabelle contemplates a menu à la carte and tasting menus to sample a wider range of flavors. The tasting menus range from a 100€ 2-course option to a 155€ 4-course selection. All meals are paired with a wine from their rich selection of some 750 labels.

Some of the specialties on the list include appetizers like foie gras terrine with caramelized cherries and Bronte pistachio brioche bread or raw red prawns with watermelon in campari osmosis, crème fraîche and peanut sponge.

The first courses cover a selection of soups, pasta, and rice dishes such as gazpacho soup with saké-marinated octopus basmati rice and shiso leaves, eggplant parmigiana risotto with creamy burrata cheese, tomato powder, and basil crystals, or porcini mushroom hat-shaped ravioli with foie gras, cherries, and toasted almonds.

The daring main dishes prepared by chef Stefano Marzetti and his team feature both fish and meat options such as grilled black cod with wild mushrooms, purple potatoes, pakchoi, and katsuobushi reduction and Iberico suckling pig with thyme apricots burrata cheese, “n’duja” spicy pork sausage and tapioca wafer. Upon request, you can also order vegetarian meals and gluten-free versions.

The daily breakfast and brunch contemplate sweet and savory options with treats like waffles, pancakes, muesli, jams, yogurts, cheeses, cold cuts, scrambled eggs, bacon, croissants, muffins, bread, and more. For a drink, guests can choose between a selection of teas, coffees, juices, and milk.

  • Where: Via di Porta Pinciana 14.
  • When: Every day 12.30-3 pm and 7.30-11 pm. Brunch every day 9 am-12 pm.
  • Site.

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Image: Mirabelle one of the most panoramic gourmet rooftop restaurants in Rome
Photo: Andrea Di Lorenzo ( www.andreadilorenzo.it ) per Cibando.

Lana Rooftop Bar, Ostiense

More than a restaurant, this is a rooftop cocktail bar that serves also food. The rooftop bar of GUS – Gasometer Urban Suites is located in the former wool washhouse of the Ostiense neighborhood, famous for its vestiges of Roman industrial archaeology.

Here the evening starts with sophisticated cocktails (and non-alcoholic cocktails) paired selection of cheeses and cold cuts of the aperitif. Carrying on, for dinner, you can order seasonal dishes with a modern touch such as farro salad with salmon and zucchini, eggplant-based vegetarian balls served on a hummus bed, or the chicken morsels “alla cacciatora” style.

If you are used to the rooftop restaurants in Rome in the city center with a view that is strictly domes and notable palaces, Lana will be a pleasant change.

The first thing you will see from Lana’s rooftop is the tall metal tower of Rome’s old gasometer, Europe’s biggest, which, together with the platforms of the local railway, creates the perfect urban landscape.

Turning your gaze, the view will be all-encompassing and embrace also Monte dei Cocci in the Testaccio neighborhood, the Aventine Hill and all the way to the elegant Monteverde quarter. If the view from the rooftop restaurants of Rome’s city center is filled with Renaissance palaces and majestic domes, Lana’s rooftop offers a glimpse of Rome’s contemporary side.

  • Where: Via del Porto Fluviale 35.
  • When: 6 pm-12 am. Closed on Sunday.
  • Site.

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Image: Lana rooftop bar in Rome Ostiense
Photo courtesy of Lana Mixology & Rooftop Bar

Terrazza Les Etoiles Roma, Atlante Star Hotel

The elegant Les Étoiles restaurant and terrace occupy the upper floor of 4-star Atlante Star Hotel. Located a stone’s throw from Saint Peter’s Square and Castel Sant’Angelo, it offers a fantastic view of Saint Peter’s Basilica and Michelangelo’s dome, the mighty Hadrian Mausoleum, and the rest of the Borgo and Prati neighborhoods.

The open rooftop is a charming garden divided in Roof Garden Les Étoiles and Coffee Garden La Terrazza Paradiso. The Roof Garden is a sophisticated gourmet restaurant that serves aperitif and dinner. The Coffee Garden Terrazza Paradiso is a fascinating cafe with a breathtaking view of Rome decorated with flowers and Mediterranean herbs. Here you can enjoy aperitif, brunch, and light lunch.

Dishes range from first courses such as black risotto and cuttlefish with ’nduja spicy sausage, pici pasta with artichokes, mint and grilled veal bacon, or mains such as saddle of wild boar, white polenta with herbs and fondue, or a selection of fish (octopus, prawns, turbot, croaker, and squid) with scapece zucchini and roasted tomato.

  • Where: Via Giovanni Vitelleschi 34.
  • When: Les Étoiles Restaurant every day 10 am-10 pm, dinner every day 7-10 pm, lunch only Saturday and Sunday 12.30-2.30 pm. Terrazza Les Étoiles bar every day 5-9 pm.
  • Site.

Imàgo, Hassler Hotel

At Imàgo, the luscious restaurant of 5-star Hassler Hotel, the experience is truly hard to beat. From the service to the food offer to the view, this is the ultimate romantic dinner. Enjoy the delicacies that the kitchen dishes out and sip on your bubbles with a view that embraces iconic buildings such as Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica, the Quirinale Palace, the Vittoriano complex, the Pantheon, Castel Sant’Angelo, and Trinità dei Monti church among others.

Chef Andrea Antonini and his team serve dishes of the Italian tradition revisited with a contemporary, personal touch that ensures a sensory overload with daring combinations. Some of the specialties you can order include duck with berries and dumpling with lobster, mushrooms and black truffle.

If you would rather stay outside, a wonderful panoramic terrace occupies the 7th floor of the Hassler Hotel and serves in-house special drinks, wine, coffee, and light meals.

  • Where: Piazza Trinità dei Monti 6.
  • When: Tuesday to Saturday 7-10.30 pm. Closed on Sunday and Monday.
  • Site.
Image: dining in Rome with a view at hassler hotel

DonnaE Bistrot, Elizabeth Unique Hotel

The southern Italian flavors of the Basilicata region populate the tables of DonnaE Bistrot, the fine-dining restaurant of the artsy boutique Elizabeth Unique Hotel. An ever-changing art gallery, Elizabeth Unique Hotel wants to be a tribute to beauty and elegance, and its diner doesn’t fail to impress.

The external terrace of DonnaE restaurant can host about 25 customers to enjoy the dishes of Roman and Lucanian culinary traditions revisited by the chef with his personal modern touch and made using local ingredients from the Lazio and Basilicata regions.

At DonnaE you can enjoy all meals of the day, starting from a scrumptious and diverse breakfast from 7 am, carrying on for lunch, and then aperitif and dinner.

Some of the treats you can order for breakfast include the very Roman maritozzi pastry, focaccia with mortadella cold cut, salmon and avocado toast, croissants, fried “bombs” pastries stuffed with cream, tarts, crèpes, and egg-based specialties.

The lunch focuses on Roman as well as international light meals while the dinner is all about flavors and revisited traditional dishes from the Basilicata region including Ferricelli Lucani pasta with lamb and blueberries, tempura-style salted cod with Lucanian horseradish cream, and Magatello di Podolico, a specific cut of beef with mousse of Moliterno pecorino cheese.

The aperitif takes place between 6 and 8.30 pm and you can enjoy the breeze of the terrace with snacks and amuse-bouche paired with a selection of wines and bubbles.

  • Where: Via delle Colonnette 35.
  • When: Every day for breakfast 7 am-12.30 pm, lunch 12.30-6 pm, dinner from 6 pm on. Brunch Friday to Sunday 12.30-3 pm.
  • Site.
Image: DonnaE Bistrot one of the best rooftop restaurants in Rome
Photo courtesy of Emanuela Rizzo for DonnaE Bistrot

Mater Terrae, Bio Hotel Raphael

One of the most scenic rooftop restaurants in Rome is an organic vegan and vegetarian eatery. Mater Terrae is the gourmet restaurant of the luxurious 5-star Bio Hotel Raphael, one of the best hotels near Piazza Navona. While enjoying a meal at Mater Terrae, take in the fantastic view of the rooftops and domes of the city center and beyond including the nearby Chiostro del Bramante up to Saint Peter’s dome.

The dishes on the menu, all made with ingredients from organic and biodynamic farming, offer a diverse range of flavors and are aesthetically beautiful, perfectly in line with the artsy elegance of the hotel always proud to display masterpieces of artists such as Mirò, Picasso, and De Chirico.

The scenic facade covered with wisteria and Virginia creeper is the perfect introduction to Mater Terrae where customers will enjoy a 360-degree view of the city and sophisticated meals at the same time.

Apart from a choice of tasting menus, some of the dishes you can order in this elegant Roman rooftop restaurant include beetroot risotto with Gorgonzola sauce, a small sphere of Venere black rice and carrot mousse, home-made ravioli filled with pumpkin, mountain butter and sage with pear in “Dolce Forte” sauce, and revisited eggplant Parmigiana, smoked scamorza cheese, and gently spicy tomato coulis.

  • Where: Largo Febo 2.
  • When: Bistrot Bar every day 11 am-11 pm. Gourmet restaurant every day 12-3 pm and 7.30-10.30 pm.
  • Site.

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MAIO Restaurant & Rooftop

This is the new rooftop restaurant and bar of La Rinascente shopping mall in Via del Tritone, one of the coolest central streets in Rome. Developed into two floors, the 6th and the 7th, it shows a cozy yet contemporary design to please the visitors from the very first moment.

After the reception desk, guests can access the covered terrace where woodwork, antiqued mirrors, carpets, and green hues convey a sense of warmth to the space while leaving it informal. A homey touch is given by the plants and the benches.

The menu seeks to satisfy every palate. Starting from a diverse breakfast with both savory and sweet options, continental or “American”, the chef envisioned a special Maritozzi experience with different fillings.

For lunch, you can find specialties such as the risotto Milano-Tokyo with pistils of saffron and tartare of raw tuna, mezze maniche amatriciana pasta, and veal tonné with caviar. Before dinner, you can stop for an exclusive aperitif with a selection of distinctive cocktails and a list
of gin accompanied by different tastings, while for dinner, the classic Milanese cutlet is the star of the menu together with bluefin tuna Tataki with celery, cherry tomatoes and sauce
of oysters, tonnarelli with three peppers and pecorino romano DOP, and the miso-infused roasted eggplant with eggplant puree.

For casual meals or sides, the menu includes structured salads, sandwiches with an international touch, pizzas, and sweets.

  • Where: Via del Tritone 61 (La Rinascente, 6th and 7th floor)
  • When: Every day 10 am-11 pm.
  • Site.
Image: A dish from Maio rooftop Restaurant in Rome.
A dish from Maio Restaurant & Rooftop

Angelina a Testaccio

After all the expensive rooftop restaurants in Rome’s city center, here is a lovely option for a traditional meal with a view of Rome’s other side. From the terrace of Angelina a Testaccio you will have a view of Monte dei Cocci, the Testaccio market and the Testaccio neighborhood steeped in history from ancient times.

Rather than the opulence of the palaces belonging to Roman historic wealthy families and the architectural feats commissioned by the popes throughout the centuries, at Angelina a Testaccio the vibe is one of a working-class neighborhood.

Serving the dishes of the Roman and Italian culinary tradition, Angelina’s menu includes classics such as carbonara, amatriciana and cacio e pepe, as well as grilled lamb ribs and pork shank with buffalo ricotta and peach salad. The price of the first course ranges between 10 and 12€ while the main dishes cost between 20 and 25€.

  • Where: Via Luigi Galvani 24/a.
  • When: Every day 11.30-2 am.
  • Site.

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Zuma, Palazzo Fendi

Zuma occupies two floors of the iconic Palazzo Fendi in central Rome. Its scenic roof terrace overlooks the city center offering guests a breathtaking view and enhancing their dining experience. This restaurant serves a variety of dishes inspired by the principles of modern Japanese cuisine ranging from sushi to robata grill.

Some of the dishes you can enjoy on this panoramic terrace in Rome include seared salmon with lime shiso soy, sliced yellowtail, green chili relish, ponzu, and pickled garlic, or thinly sliced seabass with yuzu, truffle oil and salmon roe.

Even though the main restaurant is inside, the view is no less than breathtaking. The main dishes of the restaurant include seared wagyu with summer truffle and shiso, and a large selection of sushi, maki rolls, sashimi, and nigiri.

  • Where: Via della Fontanella di Borghese 48.
  • When: Every day 12-3 pm and 6 pm-1 am. Friday and Saturday until 2 am.
  • Site.

La Pergola, Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria Resort

A famous luxury rooftop restaurant in Rome is the Michelin 3-star La Pergola of Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria Resort.

The chef is Heinz Beck and his dishes are a blend of creativity, innovation and Italian tradition as well as international influences.

This is one of the most luxurious restaurants in Rome and definitely not a cheap eat so expect to pay around 300€ per person for a complete meal or 260 for the tasting menu. The experience reflects the price: a breathtaking view of the city from Monte Mario hill and exceptional food.

  • Where: Via Alberto Cadlolo, 101
  • When: Tuesday to Saturday open only for dinner 7.30-11.30 pm. Closed Sunday and Monday
  • Site.
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