Rome in April – What to Know + Planning Tips (2024 Edition)

Are you planning a trip to Rome in April and not sure what to expect? From the weather to packing tips, we are about to reveal everything you need to know about visiting Rome in spring.

A little like March in Rome, April, too, is a transition month, albeit slightly warmer. Spring has fully started and while the weather is less unstable than the previous month, it’s still not t-shirt warm. Obviously, it’s not summer hot either, so walking long hours is a pleasant activity as it involves no sweating and no panting.

There are many things to do in April in Rome and our easy guide wants to be your go-to source to plan an unforgettable holiday.

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Image: Rome in April.

Weather in Rome in April

Does it rain a lot in Rome in April? Is Rome warm in April? As I mentioned earlier, April is a transition month, so you can have both warm and chillier days. As temperatures are gradually increasing, April is warmer than March, with the highest reaching 19°C/66°F in the early afternoon and the lowest at 9°C/48°F at night and early morning.

There are also some showers here and there, with an average of about a week for the whole month. This really depends on the year, sometimes in April it barely rains, and sometimes you can find two days of continuous rain.

Is April a good time to visit Rome?

April is one of the best months to visit Rome and here we are going to tell you why. The weather, the colors, the light, and the events make Rome a fantastic destination to visit in spring. April in Rome is a great month because this is usually when Easter is, one of the most important Catholic celebrations and what attracts some of the first bigger crowds of the year.

Image: April in Rome.

4 reasons to visit Rome in April

  • The weather. I love the April weather in Rome. The cold of the winter is gone and even though you might still find scattered showers, the days will be mainly sunny and warmer.
  • The colors. With flowers blossoming in the trees and from all the local balconies, Rome in spring is full of bright colors that make it even prettier than it usually is.
  • The light. Photographers know what I’m talking about. Not just the longer days but the brighter and more photography-friendly light makes April in Rome a terrific moment to visit.
  • Easter. This is what attracts the first crowds of the season. The “call” of the pope is very heartfelt among practicing Catholics and Easter is a major celebration any devotee would like to do in Rome at least once in a lifetime.
  • The parks. It’s always nice to go to a park in Rome, but in winter they can become quite cold. Spring is a lovely time to have a picnic.

How crowded is Rome in April?

The slumber of February in Rome is a far memory and even though March started to make the local tourism industry warm up for the new season, April in Rome is when things start to heat up.

Image: Day trips from Rome in April.

Important dates and events in Rome in April 2024

  • April 1st – Easter Monday/Lunedì dell’Angelo or Pasquetta. This is also a holiday and is yet another occasion Romans happily seize to go out in nature. A picnic for Pasquetta is common across the country so you can join the locals wherever you are if you have decided to spend Easter in Italy.
  • April 21st – Birthday of Rome/Natale di Roma. Every year on April 21st in Rome is a big festival for the city’s foundation. It’s not a holiday so offices and schools are open, but you might want to join the celebrations in the city center.
  • April 25th – Liberation Day. In Italy, this day is a holiday and schools are closed. There will be official parades in the city center but apart from that, Romans will rather go out of the city especially if there is nice weather, or to a restaurant if they stay in Rome.
Image: Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome

What to do in April in Rome

Go for a picnic on Easter Monday

This year, Easter Monday (or Pasquetta) is on April 1st. In Rome and pretty much all over Italy, it’s the day for picnics and nature. Romans often go out of the city or stay in a park. You will see Rome’s parks full of people picnicking and also the towns and natural landmarks around the city packed with hikers and families.

If it’s a nice day, I guarantee that places like Lake Bracciano and Fiumicino will be very crowded. Join the locals and take a day trip to soak in nature and discover the beautiful sceneries and landscapes of the Lazio region.

Join the party for the Birthday of Rome

The 21st of April in Rome is a big day. This is the date that has been set as the birthday of Rome in 753 BC. To celebrate Rome’s foundation, the local municipality organizes open-air shows, theater performances, period masquerades, and sometimes even fireworks from Aventine Hill.

Usually, the place to see the celebrations for the Natale di Roma are held in the Circus Maximus, so if you are in Rome in April, definitely this is something interesting to attend.

Enjoy Hanami

The beginning of April is when you can see a slice of Japan in Rome with Hanami, the scenic blossoming of the cherry trees (sakura). The best place to enjoy Hanami in Rome is Lago dell’EUR in the EUR southern district where in 1959, around 3000 trees were donated by Japan to Italy. You can enjoy a picnic there and take part in the celebrations organized on weekends in early April.

The EUR, however, is not the only place to see Hanami in Rome. Other gardens where you can admire the beautiful white and pink hues of blossoming sakura include Orto Botanico in Trastevere, the Garden of the Japanese Institute in Via Antonio Gramsci, and parks like the wonderful Villa Pamphilj in Monteverde and Parco degli Acquedotti south of Rome.

Image: Rome in spring.

Visit the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and the Palatine Hill

The Colosseum and the park of the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill are great places to visit in April in Rome. I suggest, however, entering these landmarks not during the Easter week as they will be really packed. If you are only staying in Rome for Easter, I highly recommend you book your tickets online or you will queue forever.

Spring is the best season to visit the archaeological park of the Colosseum because the weather is perfect for walking around the giant area with the freezing days being gone and the suffocating heat not here yet. It does get busy, but you can either book a skip-the-line ticket online or a guided Colosseum tour that includes also fast-track VIP access.

If you are looking for a private or semi-private tour of the Colosseum, I suggest LivTours, while for group tours, Take Walks runs great tours.

Image: Ancient sites in Rome, the Roman Forum

Don’t miss the blossoms in the Spanish Steps

One of the unmissable events in Rome in April (and also May) is the wonderful blossoming of the azalea on the monumental Spanish Steps staircase of Trinità dei Monti. The pastel colors of the flowers covering the steps will make the famous sight even more stunning and your pictures even more postcard-looking!

Join a cooking class

Any time is a good time to learn to cook, so why not join a cooking class in Rome in April? This is the best occasion to go back home with a great deal of knowledge on how to make pasta, pizza, sauces, Roman traditional dishes, even sweets like tiramisu and gelato.

We took a fantastic pasta-making class in Trastevere and learned to make egg pasta, the amatriciana sauce, and gelato from scratch with a professional chef.

This is a lovely experience where you can learn a lot and have great fun with other tourists. They are organized in the most different places from restaurants to private homes to rooftop terraces.

Eat gelato

If the cold winter months scare you off, April in Rome is a great time to tuck into gelato. Cream flavors, different types of chocolate, fruit sorbets, crunchy, salty, sour, and more, Rome’s gelaterias are ready to put on display their best creations and original combinations for the new incoming season.

On a sunny warm day, after lunch, gelato is the best dessert you can have, as long as you pick an artisan one and not a chemical-laden product. If you are not sure where to find the sweet treat that will ensure an unforgettable experience, peruse our continually updated guide to the best gelato in Rome.

And if you don’t know how to order it, make sure you read our handy guide to the most common gelato flavors in Italian!

Image: Eat gelato in April in Rome.

Enjoy dinner with a view

With the spring and nice weather approaching, booking your meal at a panoramic place is definitely a boost to your dining experience in Rome in April. For lunch or dinner, you can pick one of the best rooftop restaurants in Rome, while if you are planning a night out and like the idea of a cocktail con vista, check out the city’s coolest rooftop bars.

Some will be set up on a terrace outside but usually heated if the day is still chilly, and some will also comprehend an area inside where you can still enjoy the view but are not cold.

Take a day trip

Easter Monday or not, April in Rome is a fantastic time for a day trip. The days are long and the weather is absolutely lovely for a walk or a hike out of the city.

There are many great day trips from Rome you can plan, but in spring, some of the best places to visit are Lake Bracciano, Civita di Bagnoregio, Parco di Veio, Parco dei Mostri di Bomarzo near Viterbo, and the gorgeous Monte Terminillo massif in the Rieti province about 100 km from Rome.

If you are interested in history, make your way to Ostia Antica ancient Roman city, Cerveteri for its Etruscan necropolis, and the UNESCO sites of Tivoli, Villa d’Este and Hadrian’s Villa.

Image: Lake Bracciano is a perfect day trip from Rome in April.

Join a local event

Many exhibitions and cultural events take place in Rome this April 2024. Here are some:

  • Napoli Ottocento. A celebration of Naples in the 19th century. At the Scuderie del Quirinale until June 16th. Every day 10 am-8 pm.
  • Rendez-Vous. The annual festival promoted by the French embassy and devoted to French cinema this year takes place in the Cinema Nuovo Sacher in Trastevere from April 3rd-7th.
  • Un Mondo di Menu. An exhibition devoted to the history of menus, the food lists that were used during important historical events including celebrations for the Statuto Albertino, those of the Titanic, the first lunch of Hitler and Mussolini, and the crowning of Elizabeth II. It takes place at Garum – Biblioteca e Museo della Cucina in Via dei Cerchi from April 5th-7th.
  • Made in Italy Week. A series of events to celebrate and promote the Italian handicrafts. It takes place in Casina Valadier in Villa Borghese from April 11th-15th.
  • Roma Appia Run 2024. This is a running competition taking place on Sunday, April 21st from 9 am from the Caracalla Baths to Stadio Nando Martellini.
  • Festival dell’Oriente. A series of events devoted to oriental culture and art. It takes place at the Fiera di Roma (Via Portuense 1645) on April 20th, 21st, 25th, 27th, 28th, and May 1st.

What to eat in Rome in April

  • Artichokes. Spring is the season for artichokes in Italy and in Rome, you will find them all over the place. From deep-fried carciofi alla giudìa in the Jewish quarter to carciofo alla romana in traditional Roman restaurants, give them a try as they are delicious.
  • Spaghetti carbonara. Hearty and delicious, it’s always a good time to go on a quest for the best carbonara in Rome.
  • Vignarola. This is a Roman pasta recipe typical of spring because filled with seasonal legumes and veggies such as fava beans, artichokes, peas, green onions, and mint. Admittedly, not many restaurants include this Roman dish in their menu. I ordered it at Cesare al Casaletto once and loved it, so if you find it, give it a try.
  • Abbacchio al forno. This is oven-roasted lamb with potatoes or other veggies.
  • Asparagus. You can find it as a side dish but often to season pasta or risotto. Asparagus is a common ingredient very popular in spring in Rome.
Image: Vignarola pasta dish typical in Rome in spring

What to pack for Rome in April

  • Travel documents. National ID for EU citizens and passport with a visa for other nationalities.
  • Umbrella. Like in March, also April can reserve us a few showers, and having your own foldable umbrella in your bag will prevent you from being soaked all of a sudden.
  • Sunglasses. That’s right, in Rome in April, the sun starts being very bright and a pair of sunglasses will come in very handy. All Italians will wear it anyway like always, so don’t worry about feeling the odd one out.
  • Sunscreen. If you have fair skin, Rome in April might require sunscreen
  • Backpack/crossbody bag. For sightseeing, I suggest a crossbody bag or one of the cheap messenger bags for women because backpacks are not allowed inside some of the landmarks in Rome such as the Colosseum. If you are planning some picnics or day trips, I think a backpack is more convenient. My suggestion is to pack them both.
  • Pajama/nightgown. For more comfort and if you feel cold at night, even though on cold nights in Rome in April the heating of your room will likely still be on.
  • Skincare products. Cleanser, toner, day and night moisturizers, as well as eye cream are never included in hotels’ free toiletries unless you are in a very high-end 5-star Rome hotel so packing your routine products is your best bet. If you only have hand luggage or have limited space in your suitcase, you might want to transfer some in travel-size containers.

What to wear in April in Rome

  • Long and short-sleeve tops. This is needed for layering that in Rome in April is still recommended
  • Long-sleeve tops. Great for layering and when it’s hot, they are perfect even without any outer garment.
  • Jumpers. In the evening or at the beginning of the month, you might still need to wear jumpers or even a sweater.
  • Blouses/button-down shirts. I love to wear blouses in spring in Rome. They are versatile and great for layering. If it’s colder, I wear a thin underwear top underneath and a jacket on top.
  • Jacket. A jacket is essential in Rome in April, how warm it really depends on your weather tolerance. I’m pretty sensitive to cold but in April I wear a mid-season jacket and towards the end of the month a lighter spring jacket.
  • T-shirts. Rome in April is not exactly the time to wear t-shirts, but if you think you don’t suffer the breeze much, on sunny days in the park or sightseeing in the city center, early afternoons might call for lighter clothing.
  • Walking shoes. Comfortable shoes like sneakers or runners are a must.
  • Comfortable trousers. Loose cotton or linen trousers are a good option.
  • Fancy outfit. A fancier outfit is recommended if you are attending some dinner or religious celebration.
  • Ballerina or décolleté shoes. If you are moving by car/taxi, you can wear high-heel décolleté, but if you are walking or using public transport, I suggest you opt for a nicer pair of ballerinas to match your fancy clothes.
  • Shawl. Probably a scarf is too heavy for April in Rome, but a shawl is a good idea to throw over your shoulders in the evening or when the weather is not too warm.


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