48 Places for the Best Gelato in Rome – 2024 UPDATE

Just like most Romans, I don’t necessarily wait for the summer to tuck into the best gelato in Rome. And just like most Romans, I’m not happy with standard ice creams: I want artisan quality, fresh and natural ingredients, and no chemical substitutes.

Since we live in Rome and we are always on the quest for good gelato, we will constantly update our Rome gelato guide with new openings as well as when someone shuts down. If you ask me, the best gelato in Rome is to be eaten in Otaleg in Trastevere, Come il Latte near Porta Pia gate, Neve di Latte in Prati near Piazza Cavour, and Hedera in Borgo Pio.

This being said, there are many other fantastic gelaterias in Rome. In this article, we aim to cover the best gelato in the entire city and for each place, we tell you what neighborhood is in and where you can find it to help you avoid the low-quality products that unfortunately still exist. Read on to find out where Romans enjoy their gelato.

Image: Best gelato in Rome. Photo by Rome Actually.

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How do you tell good gelato apart from lousy ice cream?

Find the best gelato in Rome with our guide to the best gelaterias in the Italian capital

Roman citizens have always been pretty demanding when it comes to food, and gelato is no exception. They love their gelato break, and they don’t mind paying an extra euro for it, but it needs to ensure good quality.

Nowadays, customers take their time to read the ingredients, know how to spot a good gelato and opt for organic and all-natural instead of chemicals and half-processed ingredients. It’s been such a big trend, that “gelaterie artigianali” have started springing up all over Rome, and those that used not so “accepted” ingredients began to change their methods.

For sure, it’s possible to find some “fake”, and this is why I wrote this extensive guide to the best gelaterie in Rome. They’ve been tested and tried multiple times and are a guarantee of quality.

Whether you are staying in Rome for one day, 3 days or a week, you deserve the best products the city has to offer its visitors. And if you think you will have problems ordering yours, check out our full guide to the top gelato flavors in Italian.

Otaleg Gelateria in Trastevere

Even though competing with some pretty excellent places and products, to me, Otaleg (gelato spelled backward), is the best gelato in Rome. And master gelataio Marco Radicioni explains why: “The method I chose to make gelato is slow, slow, slow, thorough.” He likes to “interact” with his working machine, and for the process he chose, he can work only 6 liters per time. This means a slow working process and not huge quantities every time.

Quality over quantity is his motto. And this is how we get a gelato of extraordinary consistency and a daring combination of flavors, never boring and in perpetual rotation.

Some of his unusual flavors? Cacio e pepe, the typical Roman pasta with Pecorino cheese and black pepper, mustard, Gorgonzola with blonde chocolate and hazelnut. You are not too adventurous when it comes to gelato? Then try his vanilla Bourbon from Madagascar with ginger, plum, passion fruit with chocolate, or prickly pear.

Give this gelato in Trastevere a try while wandering about its cobbled alleys and let us know what you think!

Address: Via di San Cosimato 14/a.

Image: Otaleg the best gelato in Rome. Photo credit of Rome Actually
Otaleg cone, one of the best gelato in Rome

Neve di Latte Gelateria in Rome’s Prati and Flaminio Neighborhoods

A popular gelato parlor in Rome is Neve di Latte. It has two venues, one in the Flaminio area, not immediately close to the city center but reachable with tram n.2 from Piazzale Flaminio, and one in the Prati area close to the Vatican.

Creamy to the right point, artisan and all-natural, Neve di Latte gelato immediately captured the attention and the heart of the public and critics.

One of the very best gelatos in Rome, the ingredients used here are of the highest quality and carefully selected from the world’s different regions. So the milk is biodynamic, the eggs come from organic farming, the pine nuts from Pisa, the pistachio from Bronte or Afghanistan, and the water used is only from Plose Mount.

Unlike many other Rome gelato shops, where you grab your treat and eat on the go, here you can enjoy it sitting inside at their common table in contemporary, oriental-ish décor.

Flavors rotate often depending on season and availability, but some of their strong points are orange sorbet (when in season), chocolate, almond from Avola, yogurt, honey and walnuts, and milk cream with chocolate and hazelnuts.

Address: Flaminio branch in Via Luigi Poletti 6; Prati branch in Via Federico Cesi 1.

Image: neve di latte best gelateria in rome. Photo credit of Rome Actually
Neve di Latte, one of the best artisan gelaterias in Rome

Gelateria dei Gracchi in Prati, Nomentano and City Center

A long-time favorite and by many considered one of the best gelato in Rome, Gelateria dei Gracchi often contends my visit with nearby Neve di Latte. The good thing is that I’m often in the Prati neighborhood. Now two more venues have been added to the historic shop and they are in pretty strategic locations near Piazza Navona and Piazza del Popolo where you can also find some of the best hotels in Rome.

Here the gelato is artisan, entirely made in-house and following the seasonality of fruits and ingredients.

Some of their flavors that put them in the hall of fame of the best gelaterias in Rome are chocolate, pistachio-flavored meringue, toasted almond with orange, and caramelized pear.

Address: Via dei Gracchi 272, Via di Ripetta 261, Via di San Pantaleo 61, Viale Regina Margherita 212.

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Come Il Latte, One of the Best Gelaterias in Rome (Sallustiano area)

Found in the Sallustiano quarter close to Horti Sallustiani and Pinsere pizza place, Come Il Latte gelateria quickly became one of the top spots for gelato in Rome.

The key to their gelato is freshness. They prepare daily the gelato needed for the day to avoid too much leftover and to make sure the product is always fresh and doesn’t sit for too long in the container.

Freshness also allows the customer to recognize every single ingredient to enhance flavor and structure and satisfy the most discerning palates.

All this is possible thanks to a careful choice of ingredients, such as milk from the local Centrale di Roma, eggs from organic farming, and seasonal products. Adding to this is the source of the best products from all over the world, from the best cacao from South America, Bourbon vanilla from Reunion Island, and the very Italian hazelnuts from the Langhe and Sicily’s pistachio.

Kept inside closed wells to avoid oxidation and being exposed to the light and air, their creamy gelato has been welcomed very warmly by Roman customers as well as the local media.

Address: Via Silvio Spaventa 24/26.

Günther Gelato Italiano, One of the Best Gelato in Rome City Center (Pantheon)

Originating from the northern Trentino Alto Adige region, Günther Rohregger brought a fresh breeze to the Roman gelato scene with some unusual flavors such as Pino Mugo, made using pine tree essential oil.

A carpenter and a ski instructor in his previous life, he kicked off his Roman adventure in 2012 opening his first gelateria in Via dei Pettinari to add two more in the following three years, always in the city center. With his shop in Piazza Sant’Eustachio, this is easily the best gelato in Rome near the Pantheon.

The strength of Günther’s gelato is the choice of high-quality ingredients. Some examples? Water from Plose Mount, milk from organic farming, and fresh seasonal fruits. Everything to create a product that is delicious and healthy at the same time.

Address: Via dei Pettinari 43; Piazza Sant’Eustachio 47; Via dei Due Macelli 108.

Image: gunther gelato italiano one of the best gelato in rome near the pantheon. Photo credit of Rome Actually
A cone from Gunther Gelato Italiano in Rome near the Pantheon

Fatamorgana, Great Gelaterias in Rome (Trastevere, Via del Corso, Monti)

With several shops scattered around the city, it won’t be difficult to stumble on one of the Fatamorgana gelaterias in Rome. A strong preference for a product that is as closer to nature as possible, at Fatamorgana you can find classic flavors as well as daring combinations.

Maria Agnese Spagnuolo is the creative soul behind Fatamorgana. She honed her profession working for the excellent Torcé gelateria and she added her own twist and love for nature.

Her flavors change with the season, but some are often available such as Syrian pistachio, Sorrento nuts and Corinto raisins, and Pollicina (with Sorrento walnuts, rose petals, and violet flowers).

For some vicarious traveling, try flavors like baklava (with walnuts, almonds, and spicy caramel), Snow White (with Tahiti’s vanilla, chunks of apple and raspberry sauce), matcha green tea, and Panacea (with almond milk, fresh mint, and ginseng).

If you are an adventurous gelato fan, some of the daring combinations you will want to try are rice and vanilla, pear and gorgonzola cheese, and Pensiero (with pink grapefruit, ginger, horseradish and lemon zest), while for the more traditional gourmands there is a whole range of chocolate flavors and fruit sorbets.

Address: Via Roma Libera 11 (Trastevere); Via dei Chiavari 37-37A (City Center); Piazza degli Zingari 5 (Monti); Via Laurina 10 (Corso); Via Lago di Lesina 9/11 (Nemorense); Via Aosta 3 (Re di Roma).

Image: fatamorgana gelato artigianale rome, one of the best gelaterias in Rome. Photo credit of Rome Actually
The elaborate flavors of Fatamorgana artisan gelato in Rome

Fiordiluna, Great Artisan All-Natural Gelato in Rome’s Trastevere

Another popular gelateria in Rome is Fiordiluna. This all-natural artisan gelateria in Trastevere has been delivering an exquisite product for more than 25 years.

Their goal is to produce gelato that combines high nutritious standards with the best flavors. The machines used are state-of-the-art but made with an ancient concept, which is what gives the gelato its typical creamy texture.

The ingredients are locally-sourced for as much as possible, the closer the producer, the better. Half-processed ingredients are strictly banned and so are synthetic additives. They gradually started decreasing the amount of sugar and already from 2000 they developed flavors entirely sugar-free without sacrificing taste and creaminess.

After a hearty meal in one of the best Trastevere restaurants, stop here and try some of their flavors such as chocolate with Sichuan pepper, black cherry ripple, sugar-free hazelnut, and chocolate, Duetto (pistachio and hazelnut with dark chocolate) or Fred (custard with cookies).

Address: Via della Lungaretta 96.

Gelateria del Teatro in Rome City Center

Located in the city center, you will hardly find a day without a long queue lined up at the entrance of Gelateria del Teatro.

Freshness and quality are key to their artisan gelato. Each recipe is made on its own to follow specific techniques depending on the ingredients, strictly high-quality and seasonal.

Customers with dairy, egg, or gluten intolerance won’t have a problem finding their flavors as great attention is paid to all types of allergies. Their cones are artisan-made with olive oil, while the fresh cream usually put on top of the gelato is always very fresh, continually made at the moment and sugar-free.

Some of their classics are licorice from Calabria, basil-flavored white chocolate, sage and raspberry, Tiramisu, a wide range of chocolates, and the aromatic rosemary, honey, and lemon.

Address: Via dei Coronari 65; Lungotevere dei Vallati 25.

Image: Gelateria del Teatro one of the best gelato in rome city center. Photo credit of Rome Actually
One of the best artisan gelato in Rome city center at Gelateria del Teatro

La Gourmandise Gelateria in Monteverde Area

Art in a cup. This is how we could define the unusual creations of chef Dario Benelli. La Gourmandise is located in the Monteverde area, not too far from Trastevere, easy to reach by car, public transport, or with a pleasant stroll.

A bold combination of scents and tastes and the use of high-quality ingredients are the base of an extravaganza of flavors for demanding and cosmopolitan visitors.

Their gelato is artisan and entirely made in-house, semi-finished products and ingredients are banned, and only quality material is used to create scrumptious flavors like Arabic-blend coffee, raspberry on rose water, juniper-flavored fragolino orange from the Etna mount, green-tea-flavored passion fruit, ginger with vanilla, honey mango, thyme, and lemon cream.

This is also a great place for gluten-free and vegan gelato in Rome.

It’s a little hard to reach on foot from Trastevere as it requires some steep staircase climbing. I did it on a pretty warm day when I was 7 months pregnant, though, so if you don’t mind some extra walk in a quiet residential neighborhood, you can do it.

Address: Via Felice Cavallotti 36/B.

Image: La Gourmandise all-natural artisan gelato in rome. Photo credit of Rome Actually
My scrumptious cup at La Gourmandise all-natural artisan gelateria in Rome

Al Settimo Gelo in Prati

Absolutely delicious and high-quality, Al Settimo Gelo gelateria in Rome’s Prati neighborhood has won several awards and a large coverage in the food-centric media.

Serving one of the best all-natural ice creams in Rome, here you can find amazing flavors and combinations. All made with seasonal fruits, carefully selected ingredients of the best quality and natural ingredients (no chemicals used, not even for thickener, for which they use carob or guar flour.

With a preference for Italian products, they also use ingredients coming from other Continents such as cocoa from Venezuela, turmeric, vanilla from Madagascar, and Iranian saffron. Fruits are used for both the gelatos and the sorbets and depending on the season you will be able to taste fresh strawberries, black mulberries, sour cherries, wild blue raspberries, pomegranates, figs and more.

Some of my favorite flavors? Afghan ice cream with cardamom, Persian ice cream with rose water, saffron and pistachio, ginger and cinnamon, ricotta cheese, walnuts and honey, and spicy chocolate.

Al Settimo Gelo is also close to one of my favorite vegan restaurants in Rome, Ma Va’?, so it can make for a perfect stop after lunch or dinner.

Address: Via Vodice 21A.

Image: artisan gelato in rome Al Settimo Gelo. Photo credit of Rome Actually
My artisan gelato at Al Settimo Gelo

Il Gelato di Claudio Torcè (Aventino, EUR)

It’s not a secret that Claudio Torcè has been producing one of the most daring and best gelato in Rome. The master gelataio here is all about experimenting with new techniques and new flavors.

Constant research of the best raw material and carefully selected high-quality ingredients are key to the flavors and scents coming out of Torcè’s gelato shop. Creativity and bold and intriguing combinations are the gelataio’s main passions.

Torcè has been one of the very first masters, or the first all together, to serve a “savory” gelato. Because, as he likes to say, who said ice cream has to be sweet? And this is how you have flavors like Gorgonzola, cocoa and Pecorino cheese, extra chili Habanero, and black sesame with caramel. In recent years, Torcè has been increasing the number of vegan-friendly gelatos to supply a major demand.

If this is not enough to tickle your curiosity, knowing that Torcè is one of the (very) few gelaterias in Rome that hasn’t increased their prices for years probably will!

Address: Viale Aventino 59; Viale dell’Arte 9A; Viale Marconi 445.

Il Gelato di San Crispino in Rome City Center (Trevi)

For the joy of the tourists, one of the best gelato in Rome is right in the city center close to the main attractions, including one near the Trevi Fountain.

It’s not easy to find great quality in the city center, often devoted to “tourist” quality. But San Crispino has been serving a great gelato in Rome since the early ’90s.

Constantly in the quest for new flavors and new combinations also obtained by revisiting old recipes, Il Gelato di San Crispino guarantees a delicious blend between modernity and tradition.

Some of their claim to fame are flavors like bitter arbutus honey from Sardinia, eggnog with De Bartoli Marsala wine, lemon cream, Puerto Rico coffee cream, white figs sorbet, bergamot sorbet, little wild strawberries sorbet.

Address: Via della Panetteria 42; Via Acaia 56.

Alaska Gelateria (Flaminio/Foro Italico)

With 25 years of activity, Alaska is one of the historical gelaterias in Rome. So popular and cherished that it was even mentioned by writer Federico Moccia in his novels as a hangout among young Romans.

In all these years, Gelateria Alaska has managed to fiercely face growing competition by staying loyal to its original, all-natural products. Offering some 50 labels, there really is no limit to their imagination and brave customers can have fun enjoying daring flavors such as tomato and basil, saffron risotto, and asparagus!

Cocktail enthusiasts can opt for familiar flavors including Spritz, Mojito, and Caipiroska, while vegan customers can choose among a wide range of dairy and egg-free fruit options and dark chocolate. Among the news, there is also a protein-rich line and a sugar-free range made using stevia sweetener instead of sugar.

Address: Via di Villa Severini 30/30a.

Image: Gelateria Alaska selling great gelato in Rome.
Photo courtesy of Gelateria Alaska

Stefano Ferrara Gelato Lab (Monteverde)

Not right in the city center, Stefano Ferrara Gelato Lab is found close to Villa Pamphilj park. This is mainly a place frequented by locals. Right outside, you will find some benches to enjoy your ice cream.

Their all-natural gelato doesn’t contain any preservatives, food coloring, hydrogenated or refined fats, or half-processed industrial components.

Among their flavors to try are vegan almond, sugar-free vegan pistachio, several dark chocolates, mango with ginger, dairy-free coconut, ricotta with fig jam, vegan chocolate with coconut sugar. However, they are all made using seasonal ingredients so you are likely to find different flavors every time you go.

Address: Via Silvestri 224.

Pinguino Gelateria Naturale Rome
Pinguino Gelateria Naturale in Rome

Brivido Gelateria in Rome Testaccio

So far, this has been my favorite gelateria in the Testaccio neighborhood and the perfect stop after a hearty meal at Felice. Brivido offers a whole range of vegan flavors, so without animal products and many also don’t contain sugar.

Wondering what to order? Try their delicious passion fruit, also vegan, their amazing salted peanut, sour cherry, and for sure their vegan flavors such as peach, papaya and lime, or melon. These in summer, while winter has its own fruits and products.

For the gluttonous in you, you can ask to dip your just scooped gelato into liquid chocolate.

Address: Via Giovanni Battista Bodoni 62B.

Image: brivido artisan gelato in testaccio rome. Photo credit of Rome Actually
My all vegan artisan gelato at Brivido in Rome’s Testaccio area

Grezzo Raw-Vegan Gelateria in Rome’s Rione Monti

Famous for being the first raw-vegan pastry shop in Rome, Grezzo also serves fantastic raw-vegan ice cream. Hardly something coming out of their lab is not good or even average. The meticulous attention to every detail, the continuous experiments, and the enthusiasm for trying new ingredients and techniques are what make them some of my favorite pastry shops in Rome.

Obviously, I also tried their gelato and it’s fantastic. No milk or eggs, so vegans and egg or dairy intolerants can place their orders with peace of mind. Also, no soy is used and no refined sugar. Sweeteners here are either fruits or organic, whole coconut sugar.

Their gelato is not only a guilt-free pleasure but also a proper nutritious food.

Address: Via Urbana 130.

Venchi Cioccolato e Gelato (Centro Storico)

Venchi is a famous chocolate brand in Italy. It has been making amazing chocolate creations, boxes, and treats since 1878, and in the last years, it launched its gelato production.

Given their origins, chocolate lovers can’t miss Venchi’s several declinations of chocolate flavors. They have plenty of other flavors too, including fruits and nuts such as Bronte pistachio, and hazelnut from Piedmont.

Their promise is an all-natural gelato without artificial coloring or thickeners, and no palm oil. The delicious biscuit cone with optional chocolate and nuts coating completes the experience. If you go to Venchi in Via del Corso, you will be welcomed by the mesmerizing non-stop wall chocolate fountain. Not quite 3D like Bellagio chocolate fountain in Las Vegas but no less impressive!

Address: Via del Corso 335, Via degli Orfani 87, Via della Croce 25/26.

Gori Gelato (Montesacro)

An all-natural gelato with perfect consistency is what Gori offers to its constant stream of trustful customers. Among their strong points are a good variety of the classic creamy flavors, fruit sorbets as well as combined with spices or other ingredients such as pear and chocolate with Sicilian ricotta and obviously those nut-based like pistachio, almond, hazelnut.

You can also find a range of chocolate flavors such as orange or ginger, as well as more original combinations such as rice, sesame and honey, ginger and cinnamon, lemon and almond, and lemon cream and wild strawberries.

Fruit flavors change depending on the season, so in summer you will have peach and watermelon, in Fall fig, chestnut, persimmon and blue raspberry, and in spring strawberry and melon.

Address: Piazza Menenio Agrippa 8b.

Ciampini (Centro Storico)

Founded in 1941, it’s not exactly a secret that Ciampini serves great gelato as well as coffee and scrumptious pastries in Rome’s city center. Located a stone’s throw from the Parliament, Via del Corso and landmarks such as the Spanish Steps, Piazza Navona and Pantheon, their position makes them easy to reach by both locals and tourists.

Whatever you order at Ciampini, it will hardly be disappointing. Their new lab, equipped with the most state-of-the-art technology, is located a few meters away from their coffee shop and supplies every day one of the most famous and best ice cream in Rome.

A perfect stop during a day sightseeing among Rome’s main landmarks, their gelato can be enjoyed in their coffee shop or strolling around the city center.

Ciampini’s gelataio reproduces old recipes handed down generation after generation and developed with years of experimenting and techniques that change depending on the ingredients. All their ingredients are 100% natural, fresh and eggs and milk are organic, no chemical product allowed anywhere in the process.

Address: Piazza di S. Lorenzo in Lucina 29.

Pinterest image with a photo of gelato and a caption reading "Best gelato in Rome".

Palazzo del Freddo Giovanni Fassi (Esquilino)

Fassi produces pretty famous ice cream in Rome. Located in the colorful Esquilino neighborhood, it’s pretty much always packed. Also because they are a pastry coffee shop so they don’t serve only gelato.

Absolutely scrumptious semifreddi (half-frozen) are served along with a mouthwatering choice of gelato flavors and their historical “sanpietrini”, a small semifreddo inspired by the typical cobbles of Rome city center and made in several different flavors such as chocolate, eggnog, coconut and hazelnut.

Address: Via Principe Eugenio 65.

Fiocco di Neve Gelateria near the Pantheon

Fiocco Di Neve opened a stone’s throw from the Pantheon in 1968 and then closed in 2017 to the dismay of their Roman clientele. In 2018 they reopened with a revamped look and the reassurance that nothing has been compromised quality-wise.

Their ingredients are always fresh and the high quality guarantees good gelato. They use no preservatives, no food coloring, no hydrogenated fats and it’s 100% natural-made.

The milk they used is only Italian and fresh from Frisona cow breed from Basilicata and their cones are light, vegan, gluten-free, and GMO-free.

Some of their classics? Riso del Moro with chocolate and cinnamon, eggnog, tiramisu, and several fruits flavors depending on the season.

Address: Via del Pantheon 51.

Image: Fiocco di Neve gelato near pantheon in rome. Photo credit of Rome Actually
Artisan gelato from Fiocco di Neve gelateria near the Pantheon in Rome

Casa Manfredi Gelateria and Pastry Shop in the Aventine Hill

This is a gelateria and pastry shop in the romantic Aventino neighborhood, so perfect if you are a group and not everyone wants ice cream.

Their French-inspired pastries are little masterpieces in both taste and look. Their artisan gelato doesn’t come in a huge number of flavors, but those on display are a guarantee of quality and pleasure.

Address: Viale Aventino 91/93.

Gelato San Lorenzo (Tiburtina)

This is not in the immediate city center but not too far either. In fact, it’s pretty close to Termini station, in the lively and young San Lorenzo neighborhood. In this area, you will also find nice restaurants, pubs and aperitif places.

Gelato San Lorenzo is fully devoted to an all-natural ice cream that is not only good but also healthy. Their products don’t contain additives, gelling agents, hydrogenated or refined fats, or chemical flavoring. The ingredients they use are fully natural and high-quality, from the milk to the eggs to the fresh, seasonal fruits.

In step with the times, they also offer gluten-free and vegan options, as well as sugar-free flavors. Their cones, too, made in-house, are vegan and all-natural.

Some of their flavors you should try are walnut with lime tree honey, orange-flavored almond, crunchy peanuts, cinnamon and pear crumble, ricotta with anise and sour cherry, basil-flavored raspberry, orange and ginger, pineapple with rosemary.

Address: Via Tiburtina 6.

Hedera Artisan Gelateria Near the Vatican

This is a great Roman gelateria in the shade of the Vatican cupolone (dome). Found in the quaint Borgo Pio street, Hedera welcomes its visitors in a white, old-fashioned décor.

Their philosophy is to ban all chemical products and half-processed ingredients and use only fresh and natural ones. Better is locally sourced and organic.

You are not going to find dozens of flavors, here. Every day they prepare only 6 creamy flavors and 6 fruit sorbets. Quality is the key to their gelato. But please believe me when I say that whenever we go past Borgo Pio, a stop at Hedera is a must, whether it’s winter or summer.

An all-natural gelato from Hedera is the perfect reward to round off a long day spent visiting the Vatican.

Address: Borgo Pio 179.

Image: Hedera is a great gelato shop near the Vatican.

GROM Gelato in Rome City Center

Because they don’t produce their gelato directly in their shop, by Italian law, it can’t be defined as “artisan”. Their production process starts in their lab in Turin, where they make the liquid blends that are sent to each gelateria where they go through the creaming process.

Nevertheless, GROM does serve a great product. The ingredients they use are high-quality, sourced from reliable farmers and companies, fresh and seasonal.

I confess, I used to like it more, while recently I’ve been preferring different names. But if I happen in Piazza Navona or Termini station, I would totally order one of their ice creams.

Address: Piazza Navona 1; Via della Maddalena 30A; Via Tuscolana 1370; Stazione Tiburtina; Stazione Termini, platforms level and first floor.

Image: grom one of the best gelato in rome. Photo credit of Rome Actually
GROM gelato in Rome

Gelato Baciato in Garbatella Neighborhood

This artisan gelateria in Rome’s traditional Garbatella neighborhood opened some three years ago and very quickly earned a well-deserved place in the residents’ hearts.

Their gelato comes in a variety of classic and more original flavors, all made in-house using fresh and high-quality ingredients. Among the flavors to try in their modern gelateria are licorice, salted caramel, variegated pistachio and raspberry, and a full range of seasonal fruits.

You can enjoy yours on a cone or cup or in a full, gluttonous Sicilian style stuffing a brioche pastry with your flavors topped with fresh cream.

Address: Largo delle Sette Chiese 12.

Il Capriccio di Carla Artisan Gelato in Rome’s Pigneto

Definitely not in the city center, Il Capriccio di Carla is a great artisan gelateria in Rome’s Pigneto neighborhood. This is a small gelato shop that stands out for its attention to detail and tradition. The tastes you will find here will remind you of a bygone time of genuine ingredients.

The affordable price and the generous portions make this all-natural gelato experience all the more memorable and worth repeating. Even if this entails straying away from central Rome for an hour or two.

Address: Piazzale Prenestino 30/31.

Cremeria Aurelia Great Ice Cream in Rome (Aurelia)

Much beloved by the locals, Cremeria Aurelia serves an all-natural gelato where half-processed industrial ingredients, additives, preservatives, and food coloring are banned.

Great attention is paid to intolerances and diets. So you will find plenty of gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free and egg-free options. To enjoy your gelato, you can choose a cone, crèpes, or fill a delicious Sicilian brioche pastry.

Some flavors to try are peanuts, their range of chocolate, and avocado and almond. Are you vegan? They will top your ice cream with delicious rice fresh cream.

Address: Via Aurelia 398.

Stefino (Trieste neighborhood)

Originally from Rome, the owner of Stefino gelateria made his fortune in Bologna before making his way back to the capital. Now that he has, his product is regarded as one of the finest gelato in Rome.

Proudly claiming to make his ice cream only from organic, locally sourced, low sugar, and natural ingredients, Stefano Roccamo produces artisan gelato and granita (semi-frozen dessert) for every taste, including for his vegan clients and gluten-intolerants.

Stefino gelateria is not in the immediate city center but some of the landmarks you can see in the area are the lovely Villa Torlonia, Porta Pia gate, Quartiere Coppedè, and Sant’Agnese Fuori le Mura complex.

Address: Piazza Alessandria 19.

Giuffrè (Trastevere)

There certainly is no lack of great gelato shops in Trastevere, the thousands of tourists hitting the popular neighborhood will be pleased to know that they have yet another option. Giuffrè promises and delivers a sweet treat linked to the tradition but with constant research of innovative flavors.

Artisan gelato made with natural ingredients, good and sustainable, freshly made every day is what you will find at Giuffrè, gelato and pastry shop. They expose around 30 flavors per time that often change paying attention to intolerances and seasonality.

Address: Viale Trastevere 255.

Gelateria DARE (Salario/Nomentano)

Cafè, pastry shop, but above all, a fantastic gelateria in Rome, DARE is located in the Salario/Nomentano neighborhood. Regarded by many, both citizens and professional critics, one of the best gelato in Rome, DARE promises great quality in everything they offer.

Their flavors include classics such as chocolate, pistachio, and hazelnut, and more original combinations. Particularly scrumptious and succulent are “Sbriciolata MoMo” (hazelnut, almond, gianduia-flavored wafer biscuit), and “Cremino Veruska” (orange honey-flavored mascarpone, praline pine nuts).

Address: Via Bisagno 19.

Pinterest image with a photo of gelato and a caption reading "Best gelato in Rome".

Il Cannolo Siciliano (Pigneto)

This is another gelateria in Rome where they also make pastries and coffee. Evoking the world-famous Sicilian treat, their name is already a promise. Unfortunately, it’s not close to the city center, but on the bright side, it’s very easy to reach because close to the metro.

If you are either staying in the area or feel like exploring a lesser-known neighborhood, here you can try flavors like fruit flavors as well as their creams and the signature flavor of Sicilian cannolo. If you don’t feel like gelato, try their divine pistachio cheesecake.

Address: Piazza Roberto Malatesta 16b.

Giolitti, Historic Rome Gelateria Near the Pantheon

Giolitti gelateria in Rome is now probably known more for its exclusive location than its fare. I used to go there more often in my first years in the city, some 20 years ago. But with the sprawling of new, artisan, all-natural gelaterias near the Pantheon and the city center, I have been preferring different addresses.

Mainly packed with tourists, Giolitti is not much in the local hall of fame anymore. In the area surrounding the Pantheon, I would order my gelato from different places. But if you are really attracted by the nice tables (unlike many others, here you can sit) and the big counters of goodies, their ice cream is still a good product. As a plus, if you grab a table, you can also order one of their fancy, large cups.

Address: Via Uffici del Vicario 40.

Gelateria Bartocci in the Salario District

Found in the Salario neighborhood near the area of the embassies, Bartocci serves one of the favorite ice creams in Rome. Popular among locals, this is an artisan gelateria making all-natural ice cream without resorting to half-processed ingredients or any chemicals like thickeners, emulsifiers or hydrogenated fats.

They also have a healthy range of vegan gelato without using any animal products like milk or eggs but with vegetable substitutes instead. Here you can also order yogurt with fresh fruits, gelato cakes, crepes or other tempting creations such as chocolate “sausage”, gelato cookies.

Several are the flavors, from the creamy ones to the fruit sorbets made with fresh and seasonal produce, so different depending on the season.

Address: via Alessandria 145/147

Fattori, Gelato and Breakfast in Pigneto Neighborhood

From two shops in Rome, Fattori is now only in Pigneto with the shop and the lab in the same place. Two large counters display 48 gelato flavors for a perfect dessert at any time of the day. But the new Fattori is offering also a healthy breakfast with croissants stuffed the moment and casual light lunch with gourmet salads and a range of smoothies and fresh juices.

New place and new identity, but the quality of ice creams and pastries is always the same: artisan, all-natural and strictly with high-quality and fresh ingredients. Some of the gelato flavors to try are Biscotto Roma with Gentilini cookies, pistachio, chocolate, and fruit sorbets. Outstanding their Sicilian cannoli.

Address: Piazza dei Condottieri 55.

I Mannari, Artisan Gelato in Rome’s EUR

Always fresh, attention to the raw materials, be it the fruits, the nuts, the milk or the eggs, and a passionate mastro gelatiere are what makes the ice cream of this gelateria in Rome’s Eur residential neighborhood.

If you happen in the area, delight your palate with Bronte pistachio, Viterbo hazelnut, vanilla cream, or mango.

Address: Via di Grotta Perfetta 125.

Petrini, Artisan Gelato in San Giovanni Neighborhood

All-natural, without chemical additives such as food coloring or thickeners, easy to digest, light, healthy, and gluten-free. These are the main features of Petrini’s gelato. Dairy-intolerant? Their fruit flavors are for you.

This gelateria in Rome’s San Giovanni neighborhood pays great attention to the detail, taste, and quality of its ingredients. Their fruit is strictly seasonal, fresh, and bought at the local market.

Some of the ingredients they use? Bronte’s pistachio, hazelnuts from the Langhe region, almonds from Avola, pine nuts from Pisa, and Bourbon vanilla.

Open since 1950 and handed down generation after generation, Petrini patrons cherish tradition as much as constant research, the quality of the ingredients, and a perfect balance of the taste, whether it’s a single ingredient or a combination of flavors.

Address: Piazza dell’Alberone 16/a

Pico Gelato (Piazza Bologna and Flaminio)

Fresh and seasonal ingredients, only natural thickeners, no ready base. These the features of the all-natural gelato by Argentinian gelataio Gustavo Fabian Sosa.

His gelateria is near Piazza Bologna, a lively district full of exciting eateries and vibrant nightlife.

Good attention is paid to gluten-intolerant and vegan customers with a large selection of gelato flavors and appropriate cones.

Address: Largo XXI Aprile 1, Via Donatello 81.

La Giudecca Gelateria in Rome’s Re di Roma Neighborhood

This is an elegant parlor that serves a great gelato made of simple and high-quality ingredients. Unlike many of Rome’s gelato shops, especially those in the city center, here you can enjoy your delicious ice cream comfortably sitting and in relax.

While this is recognized as one of the best gelato in Rome, you can also order other sweet treats such as pastries, Sicily-style cannoli to fill in upon order, fantastic cheesecakes, smoothies and juices.

The creamy consistency of their all-natural gelato is one of the features that makes them famous in the neighborhood. Much appreciated are flavors like lemon from Sicily, mango, Marsala-flavored eggnog, and pistachio. Feeling gluttonous? Ask them to coat the interior of your cone with liquid chocolate, either white or dark.

Address: Via Britannia 74.

Frigidarium, Good Gelato in Rome near Piazza Navona

One of the best gelaterias in central Rome, Frigidarium has been serving its cool treats since 1988. The gelato here is a perfect blend of taste and artistic expression, traditional methods, and modern technology.

The ingredients are combined in a perfect balance to convey a special experience, the flavors are intense and up to the expectations. Some you should try are saffron with pistachio, chocolate, and sour cherry. For a more sinful affair, coat your ice cream with white or dark chocolate that will quickly turn into a mouthwatering crunchy layer.

Address: Via del Governo Vecchio 112.

Gelato d’Essai (Centocelle)

This is a gelateria in Centocelle neighborhood that serves excellent gelato and started a bit of an experiment, a “gelato restaurant”.

What does this mean? The dishes on the menu, whether they are vegetarian, fish or meat, also include a gelato element. It is much of a novelty in the field, but so far has been quite popular. In fact, for the restaurant, it’s recommended to book.

In Rome, you can just go and simply enjoy gelato all day long. It’s made with high-quality ingredients and comes in both dairy and dairy-free versions. Some of the flavors to try are pineapple, salted peanuts, peach, watermelon, coconut, blueberry with rosehip, grapefruit with ginger, passion fruit and a scrumptious pear, ricotta cheese and chocolate.

Address: Viale B. Bardanzellu 77 (Colli Aniene); Via Tor de’ Schiavi 287 (Centocelle).

Gelateria Tony (Portuense)

This is another milestone in Rome’s gelato scene serving goodies since 1965. Here the gelato comes in many different shapes, from the classic cones and cups to the mono-portion tidbits to gelato cakes, in all shapes and flavors.

Not exactly in the city center, but not too far is Villa Doria Pamphili Park if you are into a stroll in a beautiful green oasis.

The flavors are pretty classic, and the quality of the ingredients and the ability of the chef are what make the difference. If you are not lactose-intolerant, top your gelato with some fresh cream, one of their top claims to fame.

Address: Viale dei Colli Portuensi 335, angle with Largo Alberto Missiroli.

Gelateria La Romana (Ostiense, Prati, Sallustiano, San Giovanni)

Gelateria La Romana always sparks some debate among Romans. Founded in Rimini in 1947, La Romana has shops in many Rome neighborhoods such as Prati and Ostiense. Many claim it’s not an artisan gelato or that the flavors are not tasty enough.

As far as I’m concerned, while it might not be my favorite gelato in Rome, I don’t find it that bad. For example, there are some shops displaying their super fluffy and bright-colored ice cream (I won’t name them, some are a chain), but I wouldn’t buy gelato from them even if it was the only one in Rome. It just looks fully chemical and has no taste.

In my personal opinion, La Romana is far from this reality. I can also say that I found it recently improved in quality, taste, creamy texture, and range of flavors. As a matter of fact, the owner Massimiliano Zucchi, in an interview with the popular food magazine Gambero Rosso, admitted that in the past they used chemicals and now they eliminated them all and introduced the closed wells to keep the gelato at the same temperature and far from the light. Adding that now they are taking the direction towards using organic ingredients.

They have more than 30 shops in Italy including two abroad, but Zucchi refuses to be considered franchising, a chain, or part of industrial production, insisting on the fact that he makes all the bases every day with his brother in Rimini, just like his father did at the beginning, and then send them to all shops, each of which has its own lab where they finish the process of pasteurization and creaming. Which, he claims, are the steps of each artisan gelato.

More to that, he confirms they don’t use fresh eggs but in powder to ward off the risk of salmonellosis. Something pregnant women might keep in mind (even though, it’s fair to say, during all my pregnancy I had gelato in most of the shops listed in this article and never had any issue).

Now that a little disclaimer has been done, some of the flavors you might want to try are the delicious Biscotto della Nonna (Grandma’s cookie), yogurt with honey and walnuts, Bacio di Dama with toasted almonds, ricotta with caramelized figs, hazelnuts pesto, mandarin, red orange. These are only some, the offer is really big and prices are affordable, so why not give it a try.

Address: Via Cola di Rienzo 2; Via Ostiense 48; Via XX Settembre 60; Via Magna Grecia 47A.

Freddo Gelato near Re di Roma metro

A self-defined ice cream parlor, Freddo Gelato is a new-ish gelateria in Rome. Their minimalist and cozy decor add to the pleasant experience of enjoying an all-natural, no-substitute gelato.

Along with classic flavors, they also like experiments such as raspberry and basil, peanut brittle salad, and pineapple and turmeric. On the menu, are plenty of vegan, sugar-free, and gluten-free options.

A gelateria-patisserie, if you don’t fancy ice cream, try their crepes, waffles, homemade cakes, and brioches. Open from 7 am, you can also have a scrumptious breakfast with coffee and croissant(s).

Address: Piazza Tuscolo 7/8/9.

Gelateria dell’Angeletto in Rione Monti

Located in the exclusive Rione Monti close to the Colosseum and Roman Forum, Gelateria dell’Angeletto is a favorite stop for locals and tourists. The owner opened his gelato place after a long experience in the famous Gelateria dei Gracchi where he learned the secrets of the profession. Now he adds his own twist and offers a selection of high-quality sweet treats.

No trans fats, no artificial coloring, no substitutes and egg and dairy-free versions for vegan customers. There isn’t an endless choice of flavors, but the ones you see are guaranteed. Try their cheesecake, salted caramel, ginger and lemon, and hazelnut.

Address: Via dell’Angeletto 15.

Perfecto Gelato (Trieste/Nomentano neighborhood)

What a discovery this was in the landscape of the best gelato in Rome. We had just finished visiting the beautiful Casino Nobile of Villa Torlonia and needed a light break. We were looking for a cafe and we found Perfecto Gelato instead.

On display, not many flavors but carefully prepared, low-calorie, rich in fiber and protein, with carob flour as the only thickener, and little to no sugar. The ingredients don’t contain any emulsifiers or preservatives. This is a great option for those who are gluten intolerant and also for those who don’t eat eggs and soy.

Their signature flavors are those of the so-called Linea Zero, “zero line”, suitable for those who are on a diet because it doesn’t contain sugar. The saccharose is replaced with a blend of erythritol and maltitol. I tried their Linea Zero chocolate and it was excellent, I could really feel the taste of the cacao beans.

Address: Viale Regina Margherita 103.

Gelarte (Trieste/Quartiere Africano)

In our quest for the best gelato in Rome, we always end up trying the new gelaterias we find on our way. Gelarte was new to us but it’s sort of an institution in the Roman gelato scene. Founded in 1977, Gelarte claims to reproduce traditional recipes only using high-quality ingredients.

With all the fantastic gelaterias you can find in Rome, Gelarte truly stands out for the depth of its flavors and their rich texture. Among its 40 flavors, 20 are creams and 20 the dairy-free fruit sorbets. For dairy intolerants, the sons of the founders that now manage the shop offer also soy-based alternatives.

Along with the gelato flavors, here you will find semifreddo desserts, crèpes, gelato cakes and pastries, smoothies, slushies, and frozen yogurts.

Address: Viale Eritrea 87b

Gelatario (Tuscolana and Trionfale)

Founded in 2010 by three friends, now Gelatario has a few shops in Rome, one in Milan, and one in Lecce, Puglia region. Its gelato is made following as much as possible the seasonality of the ingredients, preferring those locally sourced, fresh, natural, and coming from an environmental-friendly production chain.

Outstanding are its pistachio, Roman cream with gentilini cookies, crunchy amarena sour cherry, and cheesecake. Along with different types of gelato, here you can order also gelato pastries and cakes, smoothies, and milkshakes.

I’m happy about their latest opening in Rome in Via Trionfale because it’s close to where I live and we were lacking the presence of one of the best gelaterias in Rome.

Address: Via Tuscolana 325, Via Trionfale 8730.

How do you tell good gelato apart from lousy ice cream?

  • Look at the colors. First of all, be very wary when you see bright colors like emerald green for pistachio or fuchsia pink for strawberry. Or even worse, blue for “Puffo” (what’s Puffo anyway?).
  • How they are stored and displayed. It’s usually to be preferred when they are displayed in closed metal wells so that the flavors don’t get worn out by the light and the air. So be skeptical when you see those huge, fluffy mountains of colorful ice cream.
  • Check the seasonality. Do you see peach and watermelon in January? Orange in August? Gingerly walk away.
  • It shouldn’t be too cold. It can mean it contains ice crystals or incorporates too little air. This is especially true for the creamy flavors with a milk base. Water-based sorbets are usually colder. The ice might be a sign that the gelato is not fresh.
  • But it shouldn’t be too hot either. Again, it can be an air problem, it might have incorporated too much.
  • Trust the taste. If it’s pistachio, it should taste like pistachio. If it’s strawberry, it should taste like strawberry, not sugar.


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