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Image: Trevi Fountain one of the most famous fountains in Rome

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  1. Hi!
    I have visited Italy many times. I have family there. In the middle of September I had the opportunity to rent a place in Rome for 3 weeks by myself. I did a lot of one day trips and visited a lot of the Rome neighborhoods and enjoyed a lot of the amazing street food. Many of these things were because of your website. White in Rome it was kind of my bible. Hopefully in September/October I would like to return for maybe a month or so. I would like to fined a small village or town not far from Rome that would have train access to Rome. I would like to experience being in a small village or town but still have easy access to take day or two trips or just to go into Rome to explore more. I would appreciate any suggestions. Grazie mille! Dino Centra


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