30 Best Pizza In Rome – Tried and Tested! (2024 UPDATE)

By the slice, by the pie, Rome-style, Neapolitan. So many options and so many places, but where can we find the best pizza in Rome?

You are going to find all types and shapes of pizza in Rome, and our guide strives to give you only the best options to gather not good but memorable food experiences.

Thankfully, we love pizza and it’s quite common for us to enjoy pizza in Rome for dinner or lunch if the pizzeria is open, like Berberè, one of our all-time favorites, or pizza by the slice. Mind you, even if you find pizza by the slice just about everywhere, our picks are always carefully selected to ensure never less than great quality.

Our extensive guide to the best pizza in Rome will be constantly updated with new openings and when some places close permanently. To make things easier for you when you are looking for a great pizza in an area you don’t know, close to each name, you are going to find the quarter and/or the closest landmark.

With so much variety and so many options and styles, it’s pretty hard to decide which are the best pizza places in Rome. We have for sure sourced and tried the top choices in the city and these are the ones listed here.

Image: Pratolina one of the best pizza in rome.

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Bonci’s Pizzarium, for me the best pizzeria in Rome (Trionfale/Vatican)

I’m not alone in the club of Pizzarium fans. Founded and managed by pizzaiolo Gabriele Bonci, Pizzarium is the temple of the best pizza al taglio in Rome. For his pizza by the slice, he’s been considered the king of the pizza and dough-rising methods.

Located in the Prati area, Pizzarium is the perfect stop after you visit the Vatican Museums, from which is about 10 minutes walk. It’s a small place and the queue is always there. While you are likely to find often classics like Margherita, Pizza Rossa and potatoes, the toppings change constantly, even several times every hour as it’s always crowded and trays keep coming out of the oven continuously.

Image: bonci pizzeria one of the best pizza in rome. Photo credit of Rome Actually

Pizzarium is not cheap. We bought pizza for lunch for two (quite a few slices but still enough for two only) plus a couple of supplì and potato croquettes and we spent around 40 euro. But if you are looking for the best pizza in Rome and you are in for lunch or dinner on the go, this is your place.

Address: Via della Meloria 43. Website.

Image: seu pizza illuminati best pizza places in rome, Photo credit of Rome Actually

Seu Pizza Illuminati, one of the best gourmet pizza in Rome (Trastevere)

This is a relatively new pizzeria in Rome Trastevere neighborhood. They opened in 2018 and their product is a truly delicious gourmet pizza with very original toppings. While you will also find some classics such as Margherita, mostly are unusual combinations and ingredients. There are many vegetarian options and also some vegan. Toppings and flavors change depending on the season, so the menu is hardly repeated for too long.

You do need to book because even though it’s quite a wide restaurant, it’s often packed. We went on a Saturday evening, and usually, weekends are the busiest days, but I think booking is recommended also during the week. It’s open only for dinner and Tuesday is closed.

You can find Pier Daniele Seu’s pizza also at the Mercato Centrale in Termini station.

Address: Via Angelo Bargoni 10. Website.

Image: Angela Corrias enjoying her pizza with her family at 50 Kalò pizza place in Rome. Photo by Rome Actually

50 Kalò, best Naples-style pizza in Rome (Termini/Barberini/Sallustiano)

After his two successful restaurants in Naples and London, Ciro Salvo, the king of Naples’ pizza, lands in Rome with a large 2-story pizzeria. Located in Via Flavia near the ancient site of the Horti Sallustiani and the gorgeous Santa Maria della Vittoria church, 50 Kalò is easy to reach from Termini station and Piazza Barberini.

Ciro Salvo is known as the king of dough, and his pizza confirms that. The dough will literally melt in your mouth.

With a large selection of toppings, the richness in flavors makes it clear that every ingredient is of the highest quality, starting from the tomato sauce to the mozzarella cheese.

A quality drink list featuring artisan beer exclusively made for 50 Kalò completes the experience. The only note that I found surprising being an Italian (and a Neapolitan!) restaurant is that they don’t serve coffee. Not much of an issue for dinner, for lunch, however, after my pizza, I like my espresso shot.

Address: Via Flavia 3.

La Pratolina, one of the best traditional pizza in Rome (Prati/Trionfale)

At La Pratolina, they’ve been serving the best pizza Roman-style since 2001 in the sophisticated Prati neighborhood. Oval-shaped and thin, here you will order the Roman “pinsa“, a reinterpretation of the ancient tradition when farmers milled the grains they could find, millet, barley, farro, added some herbs and made it more stretched than the pizza we know today.

Their first location is in Via degli Scipioni and you can grab a table (prior booking highly recommended), while their second restaurant in the Cipro/Trionfale area is close to the metro station of Cipro, line A. This is more a street food place with some tables outdoor, so you can either buy and eat on the go or have a quick casual meal at a table outside.

best pizza places in rome la pratolina

I haven’t tried their pizza in this new location, as far as I know, they don’t have the wood-burning oven anymore but an electric one. But that’s not really a big issue since I have eaten great pizza made in electric ovens. I will try them as soon as I can and update my review, I’m sure the pizza is still good but obviously, the experience will be different. However, I do like the fact that now it’s open for both lunch and dinner while before it was only dinner.

Address: Via degli Scipioni 248 (Prati), Via Rialto 16 (Cipro/Trionfale). Website Prati, Website Cipro.

Il Piccolo Buco, where to eat in Rome near the Trevi Fountain (Trevi)

The name translates into “little hole”, and this is just what this Rome restaurant/pizzeria near the Trevi Fountain is: tiny, and narrow, you will likely elbow the guests at the neighboring tables. But it’s worth it.

An ancient Roman bakery from 1916, the owner Luca Issa wants to keep alive the old traditions and blend them with new combinations and experiments. His attention to detail, the highest quality of the ingredients and a 48-hour leavening show in the products that come out of the oven.

One of the best pizza in Rome, some toppings you can try are the yellow Margherita with yellow tomato sauce, the pizza with sausage and chicory if you like a bit of a bitter taste, cheese and pear for some sweetness and many others with different cured meat typical from the different Italian regions.

Image: best pizza in rome piccolo buco. Photo credit of Rome Actually

Once out of the oven and before being served, every pizza is finished with a drizzle of organic olive oil, different for each topping. On their menu, also other dishes of the Roman tradition in case some guests prefer pasta or a second course.

I know it’s not easy to plan a too-tight timetable when you are following an itinerary in Rome city center with so much to see, but try your best to book before going to avoid staying out or waiting in line for way more than an hour.

Address: Via del Lavatore 91. Website.

L’Elementare, new pizzeria in Trastevere (Trastevere/Piazza Trilussa)

If you feel like a proper Roman-style, thin and crunchy (scrocchiarella, how they say in Rome), paired with a robust artisan beer, try L’Elementare, a new pizza place in the popular Trastevere neighborhood. The large windows and the winter garden style convey a relaxed bucolic sense.

This is not a gourmet pizza but a simple, traditional product made with quality semi-wholegrain flours and very little yeast, and left to rise for at least 24 hours. Along with a frequently changing selection of fried appetizers, the menu includes 20 choices of pizza with toppings containing local ingredients such as mushrooms, chicory and fava beans, lamb ragout, and pumpkin.

Address: Via Benedetta 23. Website.

Image: L'Elementare pizzeria is one of the best Trastevere restaurants.

PizzaRé 77 Roma, Naples-style pizza in Trastevere (Viale Trastevere)

With 36 hours of rising and 75% hydration, the dough of PizzaRé 77 pizzeria in Trastevere promises a light and easy-on-the-stomach pizza.

Their guarantee is a quality products and with ingredients such as flours from Mulino Caputo mill, Mozzarella DOP from Battipaglia, extra-virgin olive oil from Sannio, and tomato DOP from Sarno, we don’t doubt it.

In a perfect Naples tradition, the menu starts with fried goodies such as stuffed zucchini flowers, mozzarella in carrozza (fried mozzarella cheese), and a selection of Naples fried appetizers. As the mains, some of the pizza options include a simple, excellent Marinara, the never-missing Margherita, 4 Pomodori (4 tomatoes), and fried Calzone pizza stuffed with Roman ricotta and Napoli salami.

Address: Viale di Trastevere 77. Website.

emma pizzeria rome
Vegetarian pizza from Emma Pizzeria con Cucina in Rome


Marco Quintili has been a rather well-known name in the Roman restaurant scene for several years now. The Master Pizzaiolo, originally from Campania but Roman by adoption, has found fertile ground for his pizza in the capital, with three active restaurants opened in just six years.

Over the years Marco Quintili has never stopped working on his dough, with the aim of making it increasingly lighter and easier to digest. Crucial has been the choice of the type of flour, that of Molino Magri (province of Mantua), which translates into a mix developed directly by Marco Quintili himself, with the presence of pre-germinated soft wheat to obtain a very digestible product.

The final result is a dough that does not exceed 50 grams of carbohydrates which reaches the customer’s table in a technically and exquisitely Neapolitan pizza, with a pronounced crust, which is appreciated for its meltability and elasticity.

The toppings are also very much appreciated, revisited and sometimes proposed in a modern way but never taken to the extreme.

Address: Mercato Centrale (Stazione Termini), Via Francesco Cangiullo 16 (Montagnola/EUR), Via Eurialo 7 (METRO Furio Camillo).

Image: iQuintili one of the best pizza in Rome.
Pizza from iQuintili pizzeria in Rome. Photo courtesy of Alberto Blasetti.

Pinsere, one of the best pizzerias in Rome for traditional pinsa (Sallustiano/Termini/Barberini)

As the name suggests, Pinsere offers a stretched, oval-shaped pinsa street food style. For this type, it’s considered one of the best pizza places in Rome.

A clear reference to the old tradition of the Roman countryside, when farmers used to make their makeshift meals with what they could find, usually grains such as millet, barley, oat and farro spelt blended and mixed with water, salt and herbs and baked on hot stones.

At Pinsere, the pinsa is delicious, light, easy to digest and made with high-quality natural ingredients, preferably seasonal, no chemicals or half-processed foods. Each of their pizza costs 6€.

Image: Pizza from Pinsere, one of the best pizza in Rome

This is rather a street food place in Rome than a restaurant. In fact, once you order your pizza, you can either have it on the go or stand at their counter inside or outside. Perfect for a quick lunch that doesn’t make you heavy before carrying on with your sightseeing.

Address: Via Flavia 98. Website.

Trapizzino, famous Rome street food pizza (Testaccio/Trastevere/Ponte Milvio)

This is very much a one-of-a-kind pizza. In fact, it has the shape of a typical bar-style “tramezzino” with the dough of a pizza and one of the traditional Roman recipes as filling.

Read everything about it and where to find it in my detailed post about my experience at Trapizzino’s.

Allegrìo (Via Veneto/Barberini)

This restaurant in Via Veneto serves dishes from Roman cuisine as well as great pizza. The pizzeria is entrusted to a couple of professionals, two long-standing pizza chefs: Peppe Aiello and Ivano Veccia.

The pizza proposed by Allegrìo is one of the Neapolitan pizzas considered among the best by many. The unmistakable feature is that it presents itself with a well-pronounced crust but soft internally and crunchy externally.

The menu offers the fixed options always present as well as the “seasonal” ones that can even change monthly. For lovers of classic flavors, try the “Provola e Pepi” made with 7 different peppers, but also the Capricciosa with artisanal roast ham and Mamma Bruna’s milk cream. The Oro di Napoli pizza is also tasty, a tribute to the Neapolitan city which is an extra-large fried pizza, covered in gold dust, designed to be shared by the whole table.

Address: Via Veneto 114.

Image: pizza from Allegrìo pizza place in Rome.
Pizza by Allegrìo pizza place in Rome

Angelo e Simonetta Pizza a Taglio

Arguably the best pizzeria in Rome’s Via Nomentana, Angelo and Simonetta serve a spectacular pizza by the slice that never fails to deliver. With a slow and long leavening that makes it easy to digest, according to many, this is the best pizza in Rome prepared on the baking tin.

The toppings change every day and ingredients are perfectly combined, making this a great lunch on the go or sitting on their tables outside.

Address: Via Nomentana 581. Website.

Pinsa e Buoi Ristorante-Pinseria in Rome (San Lorenzo/San Giovanni)

This is a restaurant where you can order the traditional Roman pinsa comfortably sitting at their tables instead of ordering a slice on the go. Here you can also order from a pretty wide menu of dishes from the Roman tradition as well as other regions.

They are in San Lorenzo and San Giovanni neighborhoods, both pretty central and easy to reach. Recently they opened also in the residential Parioli area.

Address: Via dello Scalo San Lorenzo 15; Viale Carlo Felice 51/53; Via Salaria 217. Website.

La Gatta Mangiona, a favorite pizzeria in Rome (Villa Pamphilj/Gianicolense)

Another address much cherished by the locals for one of the best pizzerias in Rome, La Gatta Mangiona is open only for dinner.

On their menu, you will find the classics like Margherita, Marinara and Capricciosa, and also original toppings like “Thai-style” with oriental spices, Gallurese with chili salami and Sardinian pecorino cheese, and Calabrese with ‘nduja cured meat and dried tomatoes.

Address: Via Ozanam 30-32. Website.

Sforno, original pizza and craft beer in Rome (Tuscolana/Giulio Agricola)

Open only for dinner, Sforno is another of the favorite and for many the best pizza places in Rome. Not exactly in the city center, it can be reached by metro A, Subaugusta station.

Slow and natural leavening, original toppings and artisan Italian and international beers, this pizzeria is one of the creations of Stefano Callegari in partnership with Antonio Pratticò, beer and wine expert.

If you are a fan of Roman cuisine, you can definitely try their famous pizza “cacio e pepe” like the popular local pasta dish. Some other options they suggest trying are the pizza “Testarossa”, “Greenwich” and “Iblea”.

Address: Via Statilio Ottato 110/116. Website.

Sbanco, classic and original pizza in Rome’s Appio Latino quarter (Appia Antica)

Sbanco is yet another creation of pizzaiolo Stefano Callegari, the one of Sforno, Tonda, and the famous Trapizzino, just to be clear. The menu here includes the red pizzas, the white ones, and the “special” ones.

Among the classics, both red and white, you will find well-known options like Margherita, Marinara, Bufala mozzarella, and Pachino tomato, or more original creations like Fumo (smoked Provola cheese with Speck from Alto Adige cured meat) and Cacio con le Pere (four types of cheeses and pear).

The Special ones include the now popular Cacio e Pepe, borrowed from the Roman tradition, and Greenwich (Stilton blue cheese and Porto wine).

If you are very hungry, do start your meal with some of their guilty fried antipasti, or if you are not into pizza, you can order a salad or a choice from the main course menu.

Address: Via Siria 1. Website.

Tonda, original pizza creations (Monte Sacro)

We couldn’t really leave this out. Tonda, too, has the signature of Rome’s busiest pizzaiolo, Stefano Callegari. Launched in 2011 in the Montesacro area, here you can tuck into their much-appreciated fried appetizers before ordering their very original creations.

Some of their inventions? A topping of mozzarella marinated in the Campari drink, potatoes, cured meat and orange twist, or smoked salmon, mozzarella, potatoes, and dill.

Like at Sbanco pizzeria (above) also here you can order the famous Greenwich with Stilton blue cheese and Porto wine

Address: Via Valle Corteno 31. Website.

180g Pizzeria Romana, one of the best pizza in Rome’s Centocelle (Centocelle)

This relatively new pizza place opened in the once uneventful, now vibrant Centocelle neighborhood. 180g Pizzeria Romana serves a round, thin and crunchy Roman-style pizza and was quickly welcomed by locals.

Alongside classics like Margherita and Marinara, guests can enjoy high-quality toppings often borrowed from the local tradition such as gricia, carbonara, amatriciana and cacio e pepe. Or more creative toppings like raw ham from Bassiamo, grilled baby artichokes and mozzarella cheese, sausage and baby broccoli, sausage and chicory, and plenty more.

For the gluttonous in you, their starters include a guilty choice of delicious fried treats and as desserts local cakes and pastries.

Address: Via Tor de Schiavi 53. Website.

Pinsa ‘mpò, one of the best pizza near the Vatican (Trionfale/Vatican)

A great stop after your visit to the Vatican Museums is Pinsa ‘mpò “pinseria”, one of the best pizza places in Rome for the traditional, oval-shaped “pinsa”. It’s located in the Prati neighborhood close to the Vatican and their pizza is perfect for a lunch on the go.

Made with organic ingredients and seasonal IGP foods, the dough of the finished product has gone through some 48/72 hours of rising. Here you can choose among some 21 toppings, from the classic “red” like Margherita, Amatriciana or Arrabbiata, to the “white” Carbonara, buffalo mozzarella and pachino tomato or salmon and zucchini flowers. Or the “gourmet” ones, such as pear and radish or burrata cheese, Speck cured meat and artichokes.

As the ingredients are picked by the season, menus and toppings change often.

Address: Via de’ Gracchi 7. Website.

Image: Pizza by Crunch in Rome.
Pizza by Crunch in Rome. Photo courtesy of Giulio di Gregorio

Crunch (Talenti)

Crunch is a contemporary pizza place in the Talenti neighborhood near the Monte Sacro area, so not exactly in the city center but not too far. This is a great pizza place to consider if you are staying in this district and want to have dinner near your accommodation. Crunch, as a matter of fact, is open only for dinner every day except for Monday.

As the name evokes, their pizza is thin and crunchy. The dough is made with wheat flour with the addition of wholegrain farro spelt flour, 48 hours of rising. and the autolysis technique to make it easier to digest.

Address: Via Francesco d’Ovidio 27.

Magnifica (Balduina/Monte Mario)

They define their pizza nor Neapolitan nor Roman style but as the result of their own study and trial and error. If you are in the Balduina area and you feel like pizza, this is a good place to go.

The ingredients of their pizza are fresh, seasonal and only chosen among producers who guarantee the best quality.

Alongside the classics, here you will find both their original creations and more “revisited” classics such as Capricciosa with organic eggs, grilled artichokes, olives, mushrooms and prosciutto crudo di Parma ham.

Address: Via Ugo De Carolis 72/D. Website.

Da Remo (Testaccio)

This Rome-style pizzeria is a favorite in the traditional Testaccio area. Here the pizza is thin and crunchy, and the good quality of the ingredients, as well as a large choice of scrumptious combinations, make it a favorite place in the area and Rome altogether.

Open only for dinner, since it’s not possible to reserve a table, it’s very much recommended to show up quite early, especially on Saturday night.

Address: Piazza di Santa Maria Liberatrice 44. Website.

EXTREMIS, unconventional pizza in Rome (Pietralata)

Original and innovative style in the Rome pizza scene, EXTREMIS is the restaurant envisioned and opened by three young chefs Mattia Lattanzio, Giovanni Giglio, and Edoardo Cicchinelli. All boasting learning experiences from some of the best chefs in Rome and also abroad, their pizza wants to be unconventional and the perfect balance between “contemporary pizza” and “alternative cuisine”.

Image: Extremis pizza in Rome
Photo credit of Extremis

Serving long-risen (some 48 hours) Naples-style pizza, a range of deep-fried goodness including their own version of Roman supplì and olive ascolane, every ingredient they use is carefully selected to ensure quality and sustainability. The drink menu includes a good list of wines, spirits, and artisan beers.

They are open from Tuesday to Sunday only for dinner between 7 and 11 pm. They are closed on Monday. This is pretty far from the city center. Although you can reach by public transport, since it’s only for dinner, I suggest you either take a taxi or come here if you drive. Unless you have booked your hotel nearby!

Address: Via del Casale Rocchi 20/22. Website.

Al Grottino (San Giovanni/Re di Roma)

In San Giovanni area, not far from Santa Croce in Gerusalemme Basilica, is Al Grottino pizzeria, one of the best pizza places in this neighborhood of Rome.

A long-rising pizza made with high-quality ingredients, both the dough and the toppings, Alongside a large choice of pizzas, this pizzeria in Rome serves also appetizers, bruschette, traditional pasta dishes, grilled meat, salads and desserts.

Address: Via Orvieto 6. Website.

Antica Pizzeria da Michele (Piazza del Popolo/Flaminio)

Naples-style pizza in the Flaminio area. Coming from a family of pizzaioli operating in Naples city center nonetheless, the owner couldn’t choose to serve anything different than a proper Neapolitan-style pizza.

A good pizza, affordable prices and hard-to-beat locations make it one of the favorite pizza places in Rome’s city center.

Address: Via Flaminia 82. Website.

Antico Forno Roscioli (Campo de’ Fiori/Largo Argentina)

When it comes to any bakery products, pizza included, Roscioli is a big name. If you have a pizza here (quite possibly given its strategic location between Largo Argentina and Campo de’ Fiori), here you will hardly go wrong.

Image: Best pizza in Rome city center at Antico Forno Roscioli. Photo credit of Rome Actually

One of the oldest bakeries in Rome, try their Roman-style pizza and also their focaccia and different types of bread. Depending on the festival, you will also find the cakes and pastries of the season.

Address: Via dei Chiavari 34. Website.

Angelo Pezzella Pizzeria con Cucina (Appia Nuova)

A good Neapolitan pizza from a Neapolitan pizzaiolo. In love with his origins and regions, the chef of this pizzeria/restaurant proposes a menu of Naples specialties, from the starters to the main courses to, obviously, a large choice of pizza.

Address: Via Appia Nuova 1095. Website.

Li Rioni (Monti)

Open only for dinner, this pizzeria is in the central Rione Monti and serves a Roman-style pizza. A cozy place near the Colosseum, Li Rioni is a great dinner option when you feel like a good pizza after a day of sightseeing in Rome.

Wooden oven, 18 hours of dough maturation, fresh and quality ingredients and a good variety of regional wines are what make this pizzeria in Rome one of the favorites of the area.

Address: Via dei Santissimi Quattro 24. Website.

La Pariolina (Parioli)

Like the name lets you guess, this is a pizza place in Rome’s exclusive Parioli neighborhood. You have a choice of classic and creative toppings, but here, what you can do is choose if you prefer a thin-crust pizza or a higher crust.

The pizza is very nice, maybe a bit far from the city center and not so easy to reach, especially at night. A good option if your accommodation is in the area.

Address: Viale dei Parioli 93. Website.

Berberè (Trieste/Piazza Fiume)

At Berberè, the artisan pizza of the Aloe brothers is the star of the show. Easy to digest thanks to a living sourdough and the organic, stone-ground, semi-whole wheat flour left to rest for at least 24 hours.

In the alternative, you can also pick a pizza made with other flours such as farro/spelt or Senatore Capelli ancient grain. All toppings are fresh and seasonal, many sourced from organic farms. The pizza is served cut in 8 slices so that everyone can have a bite of different types. We went to this pizza place in Rome with our baby and it was a success so we’ll be back with him, too!

Address: Via Mantova 5. Website.

More pizza places in Rome

This is a list of more of what are considered some of the best pizza places in Rome that I haven’t tried but I will with time, constantly update this guide with more insight.

  • I Magnifici – Naples style pizza. Address: Via Teodorico 30-40. Phone: 06 4424 9536.
  • Il Carroccio – Naples style pizza. Address: Via del Carroccio 9. Phone: 06 4423 7018.
  • Farinè – Street food style. Address: Via degli Aurunci 6/8. Phone: 06 445 1162.
  • Spiazzo – Gourmet pizza. Address: Via Antonio Pacinotti 83. Phone: 375 568 3391.
  • I Belcastro – Naples style pizza. Address: Via Ajaccio 47-51. Phone: 06 6400 7388.
  • Gazometro 38 – Classic and gourmet pizza. Address: Via del Gazometro 38. Phone: 06 5730 2106.
  • Fornace Stella – Pizzeria and restaurant. Address: Piazza Lecce 9. Phone: 06 4754 9953.
  • MOMA Pizzeria Romana – Roman-style pizza. Address: Via Calpurnio Fiamma 40/44. Phone: 06 7674 717.
  • 72 Ore – Traditional and innovative pizza. Address: Viale Marco Fulvio Nobiliore, 88-96; Via Veturia 41/43. Phone: 06 7108 768; 06 4543 0928.
  • Farro Zero – Classic, special and vegan pizza options. Address: Via Alfonso Rendano 31-33. Phone: 06 8639 8741.
  • Da Agostino – Pizza by the slice street food style. Address: Corso Trieste 66.
  • Pane e Tempesta – Gourmet bakery, pizza by the slice. Address: Via Giovanni de Calvi 23-35. Phone: 06 8772 5015.
  • Casa Manco – Pizza by the slice. Address: Nuovo Mercato Testaccio, Box 22, Via Aldo Manunzio. Phone: 338 702 6829; 340 878 0921.
  • Pommidoro – Pizza by the slice. Address: Via delle Acacie 1/A. Phone: 391 169 1322.
  • La Renella – Traditional bakery, pizza by the slice. Address: Via del Moro 15. Phone: 06 581 7265.
  • Trieste Pizza – Abruzzo style, thin-crust pizza. Address: Via Urbana 112/113. Phone: 06 481 5319.


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