Taste Of Testaccio Food Tour in Rome With Eating Europe – Our Experience and Review

Croissants as a typical Italian breakfast to start our Taste of Testaccio food tour in Rome

Why do we travel? Landmarks, palaces, artwork, all great reasons, but when we want to experience authenticity, what do we think of? Food, of course. I took a food tour in Rome and discovered Roman cucina povera in the trendy Testaccio neighborhood. Let’s face it, Italy’s culinary tradition isn’t famous worldwide for nothing. A while … Read more

Twilight Trastevere Food Tour: Eating and Laughing With Eating Europe

Image: eating in italy at norcineria trastevere food tour

Archaeological ruins, ancient art, beautiful views. The Eternal City offers all this and more. But let’s face it, what most travelers long for is trying the local cuisine. This is why going on a Trastevere food tour has the double perk of eating plenty of delicious dishes in one of Rome’s most popular and history-rich … Read more