13 Best Food Tours of Rome: Taste Traditional Roman Food and Learn How to Cook It

A way to add more value to your Italy holiday is to book a city tour to delve deeper and gain a better knowledge of the places you are visiting. One of the main reasons travelers visit Italy is to enjoy its cuisine. With the best food tours of Rome, you will sample regional and Italian delicacies and learn how to make some of the most famous dishes.

Want to spend your day out wine tasting? Or learning how to make pizza? Booking a food and wine tour in Rome is a fantastic way to get to know the city’s flavors.

We found and reviewed some of the best food tours in Rome. Check them out and pick the one that will add value to your outings in Rome.

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Top Rome Food Tours to Make Your Trip Delicious and Unforgettable

Rome Testaccio: Food & Market Tour with Devour Tours

We love Testaccio. This working-class neighborhood is one of the best places to experience authentic local life and of course, try Roman dishes truly made according to tradition.

By booking Rome Testaccio Food & Market Tour, you will visit small businesses, family-run market stalls, cured meat and cheese delis, and, local trattorias for scrumptious, hearty meals, everything adaptable to your personal needs and diet, so whether you are dairy intolerant, pregnant or follow a pescatarian regime.

With your local expert, you will visit the most iconic places in the Testaccio neighborhood, you will learn the local history and where the traditional food comes from.

Enjoy plenty of tasting while discovering a fascinating side of Roman ancient and modern history as well as its society and culture. At the end of the tour, you will be pretty full but I’m sure you will have some space for a delicious artisan gelato.

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Image: Rome Testaccio food and market tour

Rome Pizza-Making Class & Dinner in Trastevere

If you think you could never learn how to make pizza, think again. We recently joined an exciting pizza-making class in Rome’s Trastevere neighborhood and went back home with the basics to make our own treat.

We kicked off our Trastevere cooking experience in the proper Italian way, with a prosecco-based aperitif. Soon after, our chef and mentor Roberto taught us all the secrets for a perfect dough, a perfect rising, and the right yeast depending on our needs and how much time we have.

After kneading, stretching, kneading, and stretching some more, we were ready to top our pizza with what we liked most, whether it was tomato and mozzarella cheese for a perfect Margherita, cold cuts such as prosciutto cotto ham or sausage, olives, mushrooms, or rocket salad with Parmigiano.

Apart from learning how to make a proper Italian pizza, this Rome cooking class was a great way to spend a fun evening in Trastevere, by enjoying our own homemade pizza and an artisan gelato as dessert.

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Taste Rome like a Local with Devour Tours

Delicious tour around the Jewish Ghetto, the historic center, and Trastevere with Devour Tours. We tried plenty of local specialties from Jewish-style artichokes to Roman supplì to deep-fried codfish.

Drinks were also on the house and during our lovely stroll, we enjoyed local craft beer and a peaceful Campari and nibble-based aperitif on a private rooftop in Trastevere, far from the street noise and traffic.

So far, this has been one of our favorite food tours of Rome and you can read all about our experience here.

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Check out our video from the tour!

Taste of Testaccio Food Tour in Rome

One of the best food tours in Rome is Taste of Testaccio by Eating Europe. Testaccio is a fantastic neighborhood. Close to Ostiense, it’s one of my favorites. Here is where the oldest form of Roman cucina povera, poor cuisine, was born. These are some of the neighborhoods I cover in my Rome itineraries for foodies.

In this Testaccio food tour, which we also reviewed in more detail, you will be offered plenty of mouthwatering samples from Roman and Italian traditions and also visit some offbeat attractions.

Make room for some food before starting the walk, you will want to tuck into the delicacies of the local eateries and gourmet stores.

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The cheese and cold cuts counter of Volpetti, a stop in the Taste of Testaccio food tour in Rome
At Volpetti, a stop in the Taste of Testaccio food tour

Twilight Trastevere Food Tour of Rome

If your first thought upon landing was about wine tasting in Rome, this Twilight Trastevere Food Tour might well be your perfect itinerary. This is another itinerary organized by Eating Europe and one of the most popular.

This Trastevere food tour takes you around one of Rome’s most famous and touristy neighborhoods.

If it’s your first time in Rome, it’s likely that you want to visit Trastevere. And there is nothing better than having a local guide you and reveal to you the best places to eat and drink.

Lively during the day, Trastevere is best known for being a night hangout place. A favorite neighborhood by Romans and tourists alike, it’s particularly busy in the evening and on weekends.

This evening food tour in Rome will show you the best this former working-class, now gentrified district has lined up for you.

In 4 hours, this walking food tour of Rome will give you chance to sample some of the Italian classic eats like pizza, pasta, cold cuts and cheese, as well as visit a deli that is a perfect Roman street food place. You will also have the opportunity to go wine tasting in Rome by visiting a local cellar.

You will love this culinary adventure of gourmet food, traditional eats and great wine. As a bonus, this Rome food tour in Trastevere includes also gelato and pastries!

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Image: eating in italy at norcineria twilight trastevere food tour

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Pasta-Making Class in Rome: Cook, Dine & Drink Wine With a Local Chef

So you like pasta. It’s that one dish that saves you when you don’t know what to bring to the table. Your family loves it too. It’s probably one of the reasons that made you book that trip to Italy. What if you can make your own pasta?

This is what this Devour Tours Rome food tour is all about. In less than 4 hours, you will learn how to make your own pasta to surprise your friends and family back home.

We took this Rome pasta-making class in Trastevere and felt we really learned to make our own egg-based fettuccine and amatriciana sauce according to tradition.

One of the favorite cooking tours in Italy, this pasta-making class in Rome takes place on a rooftop in the city center. A glass of prosecco wine will kick off your culinary adventure.

You will learn how to make two types of pasta, spaghetti amatriciana and ravioli dumplings, from scratch. The teacher, a local chef, will enrich the class with useful tips to make perfect pasta and match it with the perfect sauce.

When your dinner is ready, you will enjoy it with the chef and your group, pairing it with a bottle of good wine. This is one of the best food tours in Rome to discover local flavors and learn to make them.

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Pizza-Making, Trattoria Tasting and Gelato Rome Food Tour

So you like pizza. It’s always a favorite dish when you go out with friends. What if you can learn how to make your own pizza? This Rome food tour will do this and more.

This gastronomy walk in Rome starts in the Jewish Ghetto, a famous neighborhood food-wise. Many famous traditional restaurants are here and often listed in many top-tens.

One of the top Rome food tours, you will go on a journey to delve deep into the Italian tradition. You will visit gourmet deli shops, local trattorias, butchers, and bakeries. You will meet the people working there and also sample some of their products and appetizers. The right wine and beer will be paired with local foods.

After the initial introduction, you will learn how to make pizza in a local pizzeria and will taste your own creation just coming out of the oven.

Your evening food tour in Rome will end with a great gelato and a night stroll where your guide will give you tips on where to eat in Rome.

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Trastevere Rome: Gourmet Food & Wine Tour with Devour Tours

Spend an evening exploring Rome’s Trastevere neighborhood and discover some pretty exciting places to try Italian drinks from an enoteca for the best wines to a local bar to a traditional osteria to delve into Roman gastronomy.

Make sure you arrive hungry because you will sample plenty of regional cured meats and cheese, hearty pasta dishes, Italian wines, and join a favorite aperitif. Learn the best places to eat in Trastevere and also some typical Italian dining customs.

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Evening Wine And Food Tour of Rome with Eating Europe

This food and wine tour in Rome is organized by Eating Europe. In three hours, you will enjoy the stunning sights the city has to offer and go on a delicious food- and wine-tasting walk.

In this culinary Rome walking tour, you will get to know a wide range of Italian wines and foods from all the regions. Your guide will be a local sommelier who will also reveal the best ways of pairing the perfect wine with different dishes and flavors.

This is a great Rome eating tour to taste Italian specialties and learn some pairing techniques to show off with your friends back home. One of the favorite Rome food tours, you will try some of the best cheeses and cold cuts and enjoy a stroll around the Eternal City with your group while having a great gelato.

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Secret Food Tours Rome 3-Hour Guided Walk With Tastings

Salami and Italian cold cuts in food tours of rome
Salami and Italian cold cuts that you will sample in many food tours in Rome

Whether this is your first or fifth trip, you will love this “secret” food tour of Rome. Why? Because you will go wine and food tasting in some of the most offbeat places mainly known (and recommended) by locals.

This Rome food walking tour will take you to some of the most famous landmarks and introduce you to some of the best eateries and coffee shops.

You will start your day with a perfect espresso or cappuccino and carry on with a cultural stroll interrupted only by some pizza tasting.

Some of the places you’ll visit are Piazza Navona, Campo de’ Fiori, the Jewish Quarter and Trastevere. Along the way, your guide will tell you about the history and culture of the city. And obviously, you will have plenty of sampling. You will sample famous pasta dishes that include carbonara, Italian cold cuts and cheeses to round off your journey with a delicious artisan gelato.

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Rome Private Food Tour With 10 Tastings

In this 3-hour Roman private food tour, you will be offered no less than 10 tastings. From fresh fruit to chocolate, you will cover much of the Roman and Italian flavors.

Your expert local guide will take you to markets and coffee shops to try an authentic Italian espresso and tuck into local delicacies such as artisan chocolate and cheese. One of the top food tours of Rome, here you will also have the chance to get familiar with Roman street food sampling supplì rice balls and pizza bianca, white pizza, by the slice.

In this gourmet food tour of Rome, you will also try the Sicilian cannoli pastries at one of Rome’s best pastry shops. Some of the places that will be a backdrop of your culinary adventure in central Rome are Campo de’ Fiori with its old food market and the Jewish Ghetto, famous for its food and for influencing Roman cuisine.

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Wine And Cheese Tasting in Rome Food Tour

The cheese counter of a deli in Rome
Cheese counter of a deli for a cheese tasting Rome food tour

This is a shorter and cheaper food tour in Rome. It lasts a little more than an hour and is perfect if you don’t have much time but still want to discover the local flavors.

Sample local cheese and learn to pair the perfect wine with your food. Experience a proper wine tasting in Rome and understand how to tell apart different colors and smells.

This culinary adventure takes place in a typical wine bar, “Enoteca”, set in a historical building. The shelves filled with the best Italian wines will be the frame of an exquisite journey.

The owners will reveal to you the secrets for enjoying the wines at their best offering a selection of carefully-chosen appetizers including Italian cheese and cold cuts.

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Espresso and Gelato Tasting Tour of Rome

Flavours of artisan gelato in Rome
Gelato tasting in Rome

Italian coffee is hardly confused with any other. And the typical creamy and velvety espresso you can have in Rome is hard to forget. This unconventional espresso and gelato tasting tour in Rome will take you on a culinary adventure perfect for dessert lovers.

This 2.5-hour Rome food tour takes place in the morning to let you experience a proper Italian breakfast based on coffee and croissants (cornetti). You will visit the shop where coffee is roasted, brewed and prepared, and you will learn how to order one the Italian way.

Coffee is not the only treat on this tour. After breakfast, you will go on a gelato tasting (not to be confused with ice cream) and your guide will also take you to sample a local tiramisu. Your stops will be some of the most renowned places in Rome for pastries and coffees such as Sant’Eustachio and Pompi.

This is one of the food tours in Rome to take if you have a sweet tooth and want to know more about local desserts.

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Why Take One of The Best Food Tours in Rome

There are many reasons why you should book a food tour in Rome. First of all, it’s a great way to improve your knowledge of local gastronomy. This is always important when you visit a foreign country as culinary traditions reveal a lot of local history and society.

Another reason is that Rome walking food tours are led by local experts. This, apart from being a guarantee to sample the best food and wine, also means that you will get plenty of tips on where to eat for the rest of your trip.

Going on a gastronomy journey in Rome to discover the local food is a great experience for solo travelers as well as families with children. You will love every bit of it and you will hardly need more food for the day!


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