9 Best Cooking Classes in Rome – How to Make the Perfect Pasta and Pizza in Italy

Food is one of the biggest draws in Italy, and the capital is no exception. This is why, along with history and art-filled tours, also the cooking classes in Rome are one of the experiences many tourists from all over the world like to have.

From learning how to make pizza to how to roll traditional fresh pasta, to even how to prepare delicious local desserts, an Italian cooking class in Rome is one of those favorite adventures that will not only let you enjoy a homemade meal but also bring home some authentic recipes and local knowledge.

Here we have selected the top cooking lessons in Rome for you to choose from depending on what you would like to learn, where you want to spend your day and how long you can devote to such an experience.

Find The Best Cooking Classes in Rome

pizza-making class in rome
Pizza from Piccolo Buco in Rome

Pizza-Making Class in Rome with Trattoria and Gelato Tasting

In 3 hours and a half and a small group of a maximum of 12 people, one of the best cooking classes in Rome with Take Walks will introduce you to the delicacies of the local cuisine, and typical food shops and also take you to taste them at local delis and trattorias.

After getting to know the foods such as cold cuts, cheese, truffles and wine, and the people behind the counters, you will enter the kitchen of a local pizza place and learn how to make your own pizza in Italy. You will fill it with your own toppings of choice and also enjoy it for dinner.

After tucking into plenty of local treats all around the Jewish Ghetto, famous for its food scene, your expert food guide will take you to taste an artisan gelato.

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Pasta-Making Class in Rome With a Local Chef

In this Rome cooking class, you will learn to make traditional Italian pasta from scratch so that you can delight your friends and family back home. We took this pasta-making class in Trastevere with Devour Tours and loved it. What we liked is that it was very practical so that we went back home confident we can make it again on our own.

With a small group of a maximum of 12 participants, a local chef will reveal the secrets to making perfect pasta. You will also learn which sauce to match it with and what’s the perfect pasta shape for the famous Roman amatriciana sauce.

This is a cooking class in Rome city center and runs in the morning and in the evening. If you book it for the evening, it will start with an aperitif of prosecco wine on a roof terrace or a traditional Trastevere restaurant to break the ice and tickle your appetite. If you book it for the morning, you will enjoy your prosecco wine as a reward after making the dough!

Your Italian meal will end with a homemade dessert that is artisan gelato made right there with you.

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Image: Making fettuccine in Rome Pasta-Making Class in Trastevere with Devour Tours

Cooking Class in Rome in a Professional Pasta Lab

This 3-hour Rome cooking class takes place at a professional pasta laboratory, an Italian pastificio. Here, they will teach you how to make several types of pasta, including stuffed ravioli dumplings. After this cooking class in Rome, you will be able to make them at home by yourself.

Located in the San Lorenzo neighborhood not far from Termini station, in this pasta factory you will work with three excellent types of ancient grains, the farro spelt Triticum Monococcum, the one called Senatore Cappelli, and the gluten-free buckwheat. On top of that, you will also learn to make a typical Roman sauce, either carbonara, gricia or cacio e pepe, which is less easy than it might seem.

Once the Roman cooking lesson is over, you will enjoy your own creations with a glass of good Italian wine.

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pasta-making class in rome amatriciana
Pasta amatriciana from Piccolo Buco in Rome

Cooking Classes in Rome to Make Pasta and Tiramisu Dessert

In this Italian cooking class in Rome city center, you will learn to make the typical egg fresh pasta (pasta all’uovo) and the famous Italian dessert tiramisu. Once your pasta is ready, you can choose which sauce you want to eat it with, which can be carbonara, cacio e pepe, amatriciana or others, and let the restaurant staff prepare it for you.

After preparing the pasta, your Rome cooking class will carry on with learning how to make Tiramisù, the famous dessert that many Italians (and non-Italians) love. At the end of the whole lesson, you can relax and enjoy your own creations.

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Rome: Traditional Cooking Class in the Jewish Ghetto

This Rome cooking class takes place in the scenic setting of a restaurant in the Jewish Ghetto that was once a house. Here, you will learn to make a full Italian meal consisting of three traditional dishes and plenty of tips and insights from a local chef. Along with the food comes the wine, so the class includes wine and beverages tasting.

Your 3-course Roman meal will include fresh pasta (primo piatto), the main course (secondo piatto) and tiramisu as a dessert. Everything you will cook will be strictly made with seasonal vegetables, so in summer expect zucchini and in winter artichokes to make the typical carciofi alla giudia.

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Pizza and Pasta-Making Class in Rome With a Local Chef

This Rome pizza-making class is a combo that includes also a fun pasta lesson. The whole experience lasts four hours and the group is pretty small, with no more than ten participants.

A local chef will teach you how to make ten pasta shapes nonetheless and a Naples-style pizza from scratch. You will learn how to make the pizza dough and you will cook it in a proper pizza oven. The type of pizza is either the original Margherita or the topping-rich Capricciosa. On the other hand, the sauce of the pasta you will make will be either carbonara or amatriciana, both traditional Roman dishes.

After the cooking experience, you will enjoy an all-you-can-eat meal with red wine and tiramisu dessert included.

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Tiramisu and Gelato Class in Rome

If you have a sweet tooth, this is the Rome cooking class for you. Start by learning how to source fresh and organic ingredients to make your treats and the difference between ice cream and gelato. Also, at the beginning of the class, you will sample different gelato flavors.

After such sweet treats, it’s time to wear your apron and start making your own tiramisu right from the preparation of the necessary biscuits. You will learn to make a proper artisan tiramisu with a professional chef.

Before leaving, the chef will also teach you how to make water and fruit-based Italian sorbet, a light gelato particularly refreshing in summer and cherished by vegans for the choice of the ingredients. Go back home with some recipes so that you can make your own sorbet for family and friends.

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gelato cooking classes in rome
Gelato from Gunther Gelato Italiano in Rome

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Rome Cooking Class and Gourmet Lunch

Spend a day like a Roman on this 5-hour tour where you will learn to prepare a classic Italian meal from scratch. Your experience, in fact, will start browsing around local markets and shops to do the shopping to make all the courses and the class will take place at a historical house near the Spanish Steps.

You will not only learn the skills to prepare a homemade Italian meal so that you can invite your friends to a gourmet lunch back home, but you will also see where you can go souvenir shopping in Rome if you want to buy some food gifts.

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Cookery Class in the Roman Countryside

This Italian cooking course takes place in the countryside, more precisely in a medieval town in Rome’s outskirts, Mazzara Romano. The whole experience will be at a farm, which will make the cooking process even more traditional.

The class lasts some 6 hours and you will make a typical full 3-course Italian meal with starters, first course, second or main dish, and even a dessert afterward.

In the beginning, you will either go to a local market to pick your ingredients or you will just source them from the garden of the farm. Obviously, in the end, you will enjoy the meal you prepared with a good glass of red wine.

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