La Pratolina Pizzeria in Rome’s Prati – Full Review + UPDATE with New Opening

By far one of our favorite pizza places in Rome, La Pratolina Pizzeria in the exclusive Prati neighborhood serves the typical Roman pinsa. Oval-shaped, with long-rising dough and high-quality flours, their pizza is easy to digest on your stomach and makes for a delicious meal.

After quite a few times, we can safely say that we have tried several of their toppings and we want to write this review to help you decide whether it’s a good option for you too.

Image: Mushroom pizza at La Pratolina in Rome

Dinner at La Pratolina Pizzeria – Full Review + Our Experience

We have been to La Pratolina Pizzeria a few times also with my parents and with my one-year-old, so I can safely say that we have tried quite a few toppings and flavors. This is always one of our first choices of pizza in Rome and while they used to open only for dinner, now they have been opening also for lunch on the weekend only. Good for us as with a baby we prefer to have our lunch out rather than dinner.

The pizza at La Pratolina is a reinterpretation of the ancient traditional focaccia cooked in stone directly in the countryside as a makeshift meal. Farmers milled any grain they could find between millet, barley, and farro, added some herbs on top and made it more stretched than the popular round pizza we know today.

I don’t eat meat so I have only tried their vegetarian pizzas and they are all excellent. My husband, on the other hand, eats everything so he ordered other toppings and loved each and every one of them. Some of the pizzas we ordered are Sapore di Bosco with salted ricotta cheese, rocket and mushrooms, Quattro Formaggi, with a topping of four types of cheese, and Ai Funghi, with mushrooms.

Last time we went, we also tried their starters with a mix platter of deep-fried delicacies we all loved. The problem is that unless you are very hungry, starters might fill you too much in advance and you won’t enjoy your pizza as much as you would have otherwise. But then, just to give us a bit of sweetness, we ordered also the dessert, Sachertorte and tiramisu. The Sachertorte was delicious but there was an addition of liqueur that didn’t really click me. I don’t think the original recipe contains liqueur, so probably it was only that time around.

Two rooms of tables dressed with checkered tablecloths to give a yesteryear feel welcome to hungry visitors every day. The space is cozy and has enough room for all guests to have a relaxed time without elbowing the neighboring table. To get to the bathroom there is a bit of a steep staircase, so not super friendly for elderly or to take down a stroller. This is a pity since the bathroom doesn’t feature a changing unit and last time we went, my husband and I had a bit of a hard time changing our baby.

Image: Starters at La Pratolina Pizzeria in Rome

La Pratolina Pizzeria in Rome – Menu and Prices

La Pratolina in Prati

One of our favorite restaurants in Prati, the main and only dish on their menu is a large selection of pizzas that are divided into red and white, meaning with or without tomato sauce. Among the white pizzas, you have names like Bismark, with a topping of mushrooms, olives, artichokes, egg and ham, Radish & Gorgonzola cheese, Irlandese (Irish), with truffle cream, mozzarella cheese, potatoes, and sausage.

If you are into tomatoes, choose one of their red pizzas such as a simple Margherita, a simple one with mushrooms, or salted ricotta cheese. The prices of their pizza range from around 9 to 11 € and if you want to add an ingredient to your topping, you will be charged between 0.50 and 1 € extra.

Image: Slice of pizza from La Pratolina in Rome

As a proper Italian restaurant, could we stay without starters and desserts? I didn’t think so. You can start your nice and hearty dinner in Rome with some delicious appetizers such as deep-fried salted cod typical of the Roman cuisine, deep-fried veggies, patties with ‘Nduja chili sausage from Calabria, cold cuts, and more. Prices here vary from 5 to 10 €.

Finally, their desserts offer include classics such as Tiramisu, with also a more original orange flavor, the house cake, the Sacher torte, cheesecake, chocolate mousse, and more. The desserts are not always the same so you should better ask the waiter to tell you what’s on. Prices range around 5 to 6 €.

La Pratolina in Cipro/Trionfale

La Pratolina pizzeria doubled up and opened a new restaurant in the Cipro/Trionfale neighborhood. This new opening is more of a street food place than a classic restaurant. The pizza is the same, the oval-shaped Roman pinsa, same way to make it, plenty of different toppings, same quality, cooked in an electric oven.

But instead of grabbing a table, you can take your pizza and eat on the go or sit at one of the tables they have outside, very rustic, diner-style. The good news is that now we can enjoy La Pratolina’s great pizza also for lunch and without having to book the day before!

Image: Sapori di Bosco pizza from La Pratolina pizzeria in Rome

La Pratolina Pizzeria – Tips To Enjoy Your Meal

  • Reserve your table. This is a must. La Pratolina Pizzeria is always pretty crowded so reserving your table is really not an option.
  • Tell them you have a stroller. If you are exploring Rome with a baby and want to have dinner at La Pratolina pizzeria, let them know that you have a stroller.
  • Leave some room for gelato. Even though the cakes of the restaurant are delicious, if it’s a hot summer day or you are a gelato fan, I suggest you leave some room for it because in the area you can find some of the best gelaterias in Rome such as Gelateria dei Gracchi (Via dei Gracchi 272) and Neve di Latte (Via Federico Cesi 1).

What To See and Do Around La Pratolina

Being in Prati area close to the Vatican and the city center, La Pratolina is a perfect spot for a dinner after a day of sightseeing. These are some of the things to do and places to see around the restaurant.

  • Vatican Museums. This is, by all means, one of the top things to visit in the Vatican and a must if you have enough time in Rome.
  • Saint Peter’s Basilica and Square. One of the main places to visit in Rome whether it’s your first trip or not, St. Peter’s Basilica is free of charge and truly offers an incredible value in art and history.
  • Castel Sant’Angelo. Known also as the Hadrian Mausoleum, this is one of the favorite subjects for postcard-style pictures from Rome thanks to its beauty and the scenic position along the river.
  • Sacro Cuore di Gesù Church. Known also as Sacro Cuore del Suffragio, this is one of the very few examples of sacred Gothic architecture in Rome. Inside, there is also the quirky Museo delle Anime del Purgatorio (Museum of the Souls of Purgatory).

Practical Info

  • Address: Via degli Scipioni 248 (Prati) and Via Rialto 16 (Trionfale)
  • Opening hours: Every day from 7.30 pm to 1 am. Closed on Sunday. Only recently they have started opening for lunch on the weekend. Always call them to make sure and to reserve a table.
  • Contact: Phone +39 06 3600 4409. They accept reservations only over the phone.
  • Website and La Pratolina Prati.
  • How to reach: For the Prati restaurant: Metro line A, Lepanto station, then 3 minutes walk. For the Trionfale restaurant: Metro line A, Cipro station 100 meters away (300 feet).
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