Incredible discovery at Ostia Antica: child’s grave protected by a curse

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A short while ago I wrote about the new diggings taking place in Ostia Antica, the ancient Roman city next to the capital and located on the seaside at the time, diggings that revealed it was almost double than what we previously thought, even bigger than famous Pompeii.

Led by the Rome’s cultural department “Soprintendenza speciale per i Beni Archeologici”, these diggings in Ostia Antica are still underway, and the latest news is the finding of ten tombs, with the incredible discovery of one of them, the last resting place of a child, protected by a curse, nasty sentences with the aim to stave off potential vicious offenders. The new find was announced by Paola Germoni from the local “Soprintendenza”, who adds: “These inscriptions were quite common in imperial times, both curses to scare graves’ violators and magic rituals aimed at the deceased against the enemies.”

The archaeological digs are taking place in the so-called “Parco dei Ravennati”, green area of around 15,000 square meters that, some 2000 years ago, was located right on the banks of the Tiber. The campaign has dug out so far also precious flooring surfaces and colorful marbles.

As diggings continue, I can only look forward to new invaluable findings and, I hope soon, my next visit.

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