How to Get to Fiumicino Airport from Rome – An Easy Guide

The main ways to get to Fiumicino Airport from Rome are essential four: by train, by bus, by taxi, and by driving yourself. To many, the different options might appear confusing and overwhelming because navigating Rome is challenging overall.

This detailed guide will lay out how to use and plan each of these means of transportation so that you will be able to make an informed decision on which one you prefer and which better suits your needs.

Image: Termini station from Rome to Fiumicino airport.

How to reach Fiumicino Airport from Rome – All your options

I think that the best and easiest way to reach Fiumicino Airport from Rome is by train. It’s fast, inexpensive and there are many trains every day. As a big plus, it doesn’t get stuck in traffic. There are two types of trains from Rome to Fiumicino airport and vice-versa to Rome from Fiumicino: the Leonardo Express which goes direct and doesn’t stop anywhere, and the regional train which stops at all the biggest train stations in Rome before reaching the airport.

By train

Leonardo Express to Fiumicino Airport from Rome Termini

The Leonardo Express train is direct from Roma Termini station to Fiumicino International Airport FCO. You can only take it from Stazione Termini as it doesn’t stop elsewhere.

The ticket for the Leonardo Express train costs 14€ and you can take it from platforms 24 and 25 of the Termini station. Even though these are usually the platforms, I suggest double-checking once you arrive at the station to be sure. You can either ask Trenitalia staff or check on the screens.

Regional train to Fiumicino Leonardo Da Vinci Airport from Rome

The regional train from Rome to Fiumicino Airport takes longer because it stops at many train stations. The price is 8€ per person and it’s every 15 minutes.

The regional train to Fiumicino Airport departs from Roma Tiburtina every day at 5.01 am and the whole journey takes 47 minutes. The stations covered by this train are Roma Tiburtina, Roma Tuscolana, Roma Ostiense, Roma Trastevere, Villa Bonelli, Magliana, Muratella, Ponte Galeria, Fiera di Roma, Parco Leonardo, and Fiumicino Aeroporto.

It’s convenient if you are staying in a Rome neighborhood near a smaller train station because you don’t need to get to Termini. For example, I live near a small train station and I don’t have a direct connection with Termini station so for me it’s easier to change train in Trastevere since my train stops there, rather than take the metro or another train to Termini station and then walk all the way to the right platforms.

Image: Termini station from Rome to Fiumicino airport.

By bus

Several bus companies run the route from different locations in Rome to Fiumicino Leonardo Da Vinci Airport. These companies include Cotral, Schiaffini, Terravision, Sit Bus Shuttle, TAM Bus, and Itabus.

While most companies depart from Termini station, some also stop in different parts of the city such as near the Vatican, in Circonvallazione Aurelia near Cornelia metro station, and near Ostiense train station. The ride takes anywhere between 40 minutes to an hour.

You can buy bus tickets from their official websites and several newsagents across the city or in big stations like Termini and Tiburtina. Another way to book your shuttle bus to and from Fiumicino Airport is from the GYG travel site.

If you want to compare companies, prices, and schedules, you can also check a travel booking website like Omio. With fares ranging from 6 to 7€ per single trip, by bus is the cheapest option to go Fiumicino International Airport from Rome, perfect for those who are traveling on a budget.

By taxi

If you have heavy suitcases to lug around, probably taking a taxi to Fiumicino Airport from Rome is the easiest solution. There are a few ways to call a taxi in Rome. One way is to get to the main taxi hubs such as Termini station and queue to get into yours.

Another way is to call one of the taxi numbers, such as +39 063570, and tell the call center your address and when you are booking the taxi. This is the most hassle-free because the taxi will just show up at the right time and the driver will take care of your luggage. By calling the taxi, you will pay the calling fee.

Check out my full guide to using a taxi in Rome.


Alternatively, you can drive yourself to Fiumicino from Rome. Driving in Rome is an adventure for the brave only, but the road to the airport is not difficult. From wherever you are in Rome, you need to reach the A90 highway GRA towards Fiumicino and then merge into Autostrada dell’Aeroporto highway.

If you are renting a car, you will need to return it to the company and park it in the designated drop-off area. If you are using a car-sharing service, you need to park the vehicle in the dedicated lots marked with the car-sharing sign. If you are driving to the airport to drop off a person, pay attention to the Kiss&Go parking areas where you can stay for only 15 minutes. If you exceed your allotted time, the fine will be quite high (believe me, I know!), even if you are only renting a car.


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