9 Beautiful Christmas Lights in Rome – 2023 Update + Map

The Italian capital is always a stunning city, but at Christmas, Rome by night is a sight that you won’t forget easily.

Imagine the charm of the historical palaces and Baroque churches standing as a backdrop for elegant Christmas lights in Rome and you will have an idea of what to expect when visiting Italy during the winter holidays.

Discover where to find Rome’s most beautiful Christmas lights this year also using the easy map I created!

Map of the most stunning Christmas lights in Rome

Via del Corso

One of the most famous and crowded streets of Rome, Via del Corso is always one of the best places to see beautiful Christmas lights in Rome. The central road of the Tridente area in Rome together with Via Ripetta and Via del Babuino, this year the Christmas lights of Via del Corso were sponsored by Acea, Rome’s main water and energy provider.

The lights go from the wonderful Piazza del Popolo on one end to Piazza Venezia on the other, two of the most famous squares in Rome. Whichever end you start, you are greeted by the scenic street decorations that accompany you for the whole journey. After welcoming you with a happy holiday wish, long stripes of light travel along the whole street.

Image: Via del Corso has one of the most beautiful Christmas lights in Rome.

Via del Babuino

Next to Via del Corso, Via del Babuino is another wonderful street to walk in December in Rome. You can see the beginning of the Christmas lights from Piazza del Popolo with a red arch topped by Santa’s hat with reindeer antlers.

Once you enter the classy shopping street, horizontal stripes of golden lights from one side to the other will be over your head all the way.

Image: Via del Babuino has one of the best Christmas lights in Rome.

Galleria Alberto Sordi in Via del Corso

Galleria Alberto Sordi covered shopping gallery never fails to impress us with their decorations any time of the year, so it goes without saying that for Christmas they give their best.

This year, they set a tall and finely adorned Christmas tree in the center and the whole ceiling is decorated with golden lights. Since it’s in Via del Corso facing Piazza Colonna, it’s hard to skip. Plus, Galleria Alberto Sordi is a great place for fashion shopping.

Via Margutta

Among Rome’s absolute best Christmas lights this year are those in the central and artsy Via Margutta. From one side to the other, fine layers of lights from one side to the other of the street support the name of an artist such as Picasso, Italian movie director Franco Zeffirelli, and Roman actor Alberto Sordi.

These lights are the perfect match for Via Margutta which has largely established itself as a cultural and art-focused hub in Rome’s city center.

La Rinascente in Via del Tritone

This year, La Rinascente shopping mall of Via del Tritone I mentioned in another post because of the wonderful archaeological site where you can see a part of the Aqua Virgo aqueduct, set up some psychedelic style with animated red and purple lights covering their facade.

From time to time, the stripes give way to a fully illuminated facade with large Merry Christmas wishes.

Via della Fontanella Borghese

This is somehow a backstreet of the main roads of the Centro Storico. Very ancient and steeped in history, Via della Fontanella Borghese is all spruced up for the party with some of the most elegant Christmas lights in Rome.

Golden lights crossing the street from one side to the other give the effect of a never-ending sequence of bright Xs till the eyes can see.

Image: Via della Fontanella Borghese has one of the most beautiful Christmas lights in Rome.

Via dei Condotti

Traditionally, Via dei Condotti is one of Rome’s most elegant streets. Starting from the center of Piazza di Spagna, you can enjoy the wonderful Christmas lights of Via dei Condotti both from the square and by climbing the Spanish Steps for a better view from above.

This year, passersby walk below an enchanting sequence of diamond-shaped lights that beautifully brighten the whole street.

Palazzo Ripetta

This year, the 5-star Palazzo Ripetta Hotel in Via Ripetta has covered its whole huge facade with a wonderful cascade of golden lights. Impossible not to stop and be in awe, even if you are staying only a few days in Rome. The lights fill the whole view giving a classy boost to the whole street.

The door of Palazzo Ripetta is framed with an elegant decoration of golden and dark balls.

Image: Palazzo Ripetta has one of the most beautiful Christmas lights in Rome.

Saint Peter’s Square

Whether you are religious or not, Saint Peter’s Square is a major hub for Christmas in Rome and Italy in general. Along with a series of events, the annual concert, and the exhibition of 100 presepi (nativity scenes), the Vatican Square is embellished with a beautiful tree, a huge nativity scene, and fully lit up for the big occasion.


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