The 12 Best Panettone in Rome for a Sweet Christmas in Italy

That’s right, it’s that time of the year. As happens from the beginning of December (what am I saying, of November!) every year now, everyone’s attention relies on Christmas sweets and the symbol of the Yule spirit in Italy: panettone.

This year’s recipes of the best panettone in Rome see a mouthwatering upgrade in terms of research into the highest quality raw materials and the care put into the production process. The result is a wide choice of options able to please all tastebuds and dietary preferences.

Let’s find out where to find the most delicious panettone in Rome for a sweet Christmas.

Image: Rome Actually sourcing for the best panettone in Rome for Christmas.

Where to find the best panettone in Rome


Grué is not your average pastry shop but one of the fanciest and best patisseries in Rome. Located in the elegant residential Nomentano district near the beautiful Villa Torlonia Park, has recently announced this year’s flavors for their panettone.

We can choose among six options: classic, Sacher-inspired with apricot and creamy dark chocolate, almond-glazed Mandorlato, chocolate and hazelnut-infused Gianduioso, pear and chocolate, and caramel-infused Caramela.

They all come in a single 1-kg format and prices range between 45 and 48€.

  • Where: Viale Regina Margherita 95.
  • When: Every day 7.30 am-9 pm, on Saturday until 3 pm.
  • Website.
Image: Cresci makes one of the best panettone in Rome.
Panettone by Cresci in Rome


Cresci is a historical Roman bakery and also one of the restaurants we recommend near the Vatican. Master baker Danilo Frisone introduces his panettone for Christmas 2023, based on high-quality Italian butter from Fattorie Fiandino farm. The result is a more hydrated panettone with a higher percentage of fat to allow for greater softness, also obtained thanks to 48 hours of rising and the use of only natural yeast.

The flours used come from Molino Pasini and the eggs are strictly fresh. Madagascar vanilla and organic Morandin candied fruit have the purpose of enriching the dough. This year there are two versions: traditional or with candied apricots and chocolate.

Your next Roman panettone comes in a single format of 1 kg and costs €38. You can buy it in-store but prior reservation is highly recommended. In-store, you will find also other traditional Christmas sweets such as chocolate torrone, panpepato, and panforte. So if you have a sweet tooth and are in Rome in December, this is a place not to miss.

  • Where: Via Alcide de Gasperi 11/17.
  • When: Every day 7 am-12 am.
  • Website.
Image: Giano pastry shop makes one of the best panettone in Rome.
Panettone by Giano in Rome


The Giano pastry shop of Rome’s Monteverde area is already dishing out the most awaited Christmas cake with a big novelty. Apart from the sweet options, this year they will have two interesting savory products which will be available throughout the year and not just during the Christmas period in Rome.

For the sweet part, obviously, there will be traditional, artisanal and all-natural panettone with candied fruit and raisins. Along with the classic version, the offer of this Christmas is made more gluttonous by two delicious flavors: chocolate and pistachio.

The chocolate panettone, with its typical dark color due to the presence of chocolate already in the dough, is enriched with chocolate chunks. For the gourmands among you, the pistachio panettone is a treat that’s really hard to resist. In this case, it’s double pistachio because the beloved green nut is present in the dough which is then enriched with pistachio cremini, also made in the Giano pastry shop.

To please everyone, panettone is also available in the morning for breakfast, or in the afternoon to accompany tea, coffee, infusions and hot chocolate.

This year’s tasty novelty comprises three different types of savory panettone: tomato dough with bacon, pecorino and dried tomatoes; artisanal raw ham, provola, and dried tomatoes; and a third vegetarian with olives, artichokes, and sun-dried tomatoes.

The panettone-making process is long and at Giano’s labs takes place entirely by hand. Three long leavening stages of 14 hours each starting from a sourdough starter refreshed daily. Everything is combined with high-quality ingredients such as Belgian butter, Valrhona chocolate, and Bronte pistachio.

Throughout the Christmas period, Giano will also be selling boxes with a selection of pralines (cocoa, rum, gianduia, grappa…) and many Christmas-themed chocolate sculptures, also designed to become very sweet Christmas gifts.

The sweet panettone is available in 1 kilo format. The traditional one costs €32 while the other two versions are €34. The three savory panettone are sold in the half-a-kilo format at €15.

  • Where: Circonvallazione Gianicolense 226.
  • When: Every day 8 am-12 am.
  • Website.
Image: One of the best panettone in Rome in Hiromi Cake.
Panettone by Hiromi Cake in Rome

Hiromi Cake

Colorful, sweet and chocolate-packed is what defines Christmas at Hiromi Cake, Italy’s first Japanese pastry shop in Rome’s Prati district. For the upcoming winter holidays, Hiromi Cake offers several creations, obviously with no shortage of panettone. A beautiful and delicious section dedicated to chocolate is also the protagonist of the in-house Advent calendar this year.

Italian technique and Japanese-inspired flavors are key in Hiromi Cake’s panettone. With sourdough refreshed three times a day, starting at 6 pm, with the first dough of the panettone with eggs, flour, and butter which will be left to rise for the whole night. After adding the aromas defining each panettone, the dough is left to rise again and then the final step of shaping and rolling is in order. Each panettone-wanna-be ball is placed in its baking cup and let rise once last time before being cooked and packaged.

At Hiromi Cake, the panettone is available in two flavors: Matcha Tea (Matcha dough with candied apricots and yuzu chocolate), and Chocolate, ginger and gianduia. Both come in the size of 500 grams at €18 each. Whether you are looking into gift shopping or treating yourself to some extra Christmas dessert, here you can tuck into the many flavors of torrone nougat and their delicious cremini.

  • Where: Via Fabio Massimo 31.
  • When: Every day 9.30 am-10 pm.
  • Website.

Casa Manfredi

Like every year, Casa Manfredi in the beautiful Aventine Hill stands out for their panettone production. And like every year, we can enjoy many different flavors such as the classic Panettone Milano, the unusual apricot and gianduia, the gluttonous triple chocolate, and the fancy raspberry and dark chocolate.

At Casa Manfredi, you can buy also the classic Pandoro without any raisins or fruits but just a sprinkle of icing sugar.

The format is only 1 kg and prices range from 40€ for the Pandoro and classic panettone to 42€ for the other flavors.

  • Where: Viale Aventino 91/93.
  • When: Monday to Saturday 7.30 am-9 pm, Sunday 8 am-8 pm.
  • Website.

Nero Vaniglia

A culinary gem in the Garbatella neighborhood, Nero Vaniglia is producing also this year one of the best panettone in Rome. Strictly sourdough and high-quality raw materials, the star of the Christmas cakes here comes in many versions.

From the classic with raisins and candied orange to original creations such as pear and chocolate, orange and chocolate, and marron glacé, there is something for everyone. And if you feel adventurous, try their unusual flavor pear and pecorino cheese.

  • Where: Circonvallazione Ostiense 201.
  • When: 7 am-8 pm.
  • Website.
Image: Pasticceria Venezia makes one of the best panettone in Rome.
Pasticceria Veneziani’s panettone in Rome

Pasticceria Veneziani

Maria Grazia Veneziani in her Pasticceria Veneziani, in the heart of Quartiere Coppedè district, is already churning out her panettone for the Christmas season that is just around the corner. Together with Marco Maniaci, head pastry chef, the utmost attention is paid to the search for raw materials of the highest quality and to the use of ingredients that follow the panettone rules regarding butter, egg yolks and aggregates.

One of the best panettone in Rome, theirs is a product with great friability thanks to the important presence of the fatty part of the Belgian butter. For the dough, live sourdough yeast that has been refreshed daily is used.

Even though the flavors vary, there is only the 1-kg format. You can buy the traditional version for €32, pan buccellato (with chocolate dough, figs, mandarin scent and spices such as Cubebe and Sichuan pepper then enriched from chocolate nuggets) for €35, chocolate coffee milk cream and rum at €38, and nerone (with 4 types of very fine chocolate) at €38.

There are also other more or less traditional flavors, from chocolate and black cherries to berries up to the exotic pineapple, coconut and white chocolate at €35 and marron glacé at €38.

Christmas, however, is not just panettone, and at Pasticceria Veneziani you can find also pastiere and nougats (in gianduia and hazelnut or pistachio, almond and orange cube flavours), which can always be purchased on-site.

  • Where: Via Tagliamento 86.
  • When: Every day 7 am-9 pm.

Le Levain Roma

One of our favorite breakfast places in Rome, the French-inspired Le Levain pastry shop is already dishing out their seasonal treats.

This year, we can choose among three versions of their Christmas cake: the classic prepared with sourdough, artisanal candied orange, raisins, and vanilla from Madagascar, all coated with almond icing; Django limited edition (chocolate-based dough with semi-candied raspberries and a crunchy coating of Valrhona chocolate); Moana with semi-candied berries, pistachio praline, white chocolate, and passion fruit cream.

They all come in the 1-kg format and the prices are 38€ for the classic and 48€ for the other two versions.

  • Where: Via L. Santini 22 (Trastevere), Via Piave 8 (Sallustiano)
  • When: Every day 8 am-8 pm, on Sunday until 6.30 pm.
  • Website.

Arte Bianca

This is a pizza place in the Monte Mario district in northern Rome founded by the young chef Gabriele Iambrenghi.

While pizza and bread making are the chef’s specialties, with Christmas approaching, as a fan of leavened products, he couldn’t resist the temptation to try his hand at what is certainly the most complex and important of the great leavened products of the holidays: his majesty Panettone!

“This is the second year that I am offering my panettone. Last year during the Christmas period I made and sold 170 traditional and chocolate panettone. An unexpected success, which pushed me to repeat it again this year.”

Traditional and chocolate, at Arte Bianca you can find both types of panettone in one kilo format. The best of the raw materials were used: flour from Molino Pasini (the same one he uses to refresh the sourdough starter throughout the year), Agrimontana candied orange, 60% melted chocolate from Michel Cluizel, a Parisian chocolatier, and then eggs and exclusively natural flavors such as vanilla bean and orange peel.

Both the classic and chocolate panettone are on sale at the Arte Bianca pizzeria for €35. Given the limited production, prior ordering is recommended.

  • Where: Via Sangemini 7 b/c
  • When: Tuesday to Saturday 11 am-2.30 pm and 6-10 pm, on Sunday only 6-10 pm. Closed on Mondays.
Image: Buono come il pane makes one of the best panettone in Rome.
Panettone from Buono Come il Pane in Rome

Buono Come il Pane

Christmas is upon us and Mario delle Fave, owner of one of the famous bakeries in Rome, is already churning out his unmissable artisanal panettone. The format is 750 g but Mario specifies “We always stick to customer requests, whether they are 100 g panettone or 3-5 kg. True artisanal panettone cannot be the same for everyone”.

Among the different flavors, here we find the classic (Australian raisins and Sicilian candied orange fruit), the chocolate one (drops of the finest Ecuadorian chocolate inside and a delicious covering of chocolate on the outside), the pistachio one (pistachio dough, filling with pistachio cream and external covering of whole pistachios, strictly from Bronte). Plus, this year, the chocolate and orange variant with chocolate coating and pieces of orange.

Other traditional Christmas desserts complete the experience, such as panpepato, pangiallo, pandoro, and Neapolitan pastiera. The panettone of the iconic Mario delle Fave can be purchased at the “Buono come il pane” bistro in Via Ferruccio Amendola 92/94 but also at Ricci dal 1910 shops in Piazzale Adriatico 2, Piazza della Rotonda 6 (Pantheon), and Largo di Vigna Stelluti 9.

  • Where: Via Ferruccio Amendola 92/94.
  • When: Every day 7 am-12 am.
Image: Cavalletti pastry shop makes one of the best panettone in Rome.
Panettone by Cavalletti Pasticceria in Rome

Pasticceria Cavalletti

Pasticceria Cavalletti is an all-Roman excellence that in recent years has been able to find the perfect balance between tradition and a contemporary vision of pastry art. Many products have made this pastry shop historic and among these, the Christmas dessert par excellence stands out: one of the best panettone in Rome.

Cavalletti’s panettone is made as it was 50 years ago, always with the same mother yeast that we take care of with care. A sourdough starter made with fruit (banana, pear and apple). The rising stage takes 36 hours (38 for the chocolate dough) and the ingredients used are only of the highest quality, from butter to egg yolks.

This year’s panettone comes in four different flavors: classic with Australian raisins, citron and candied fruit (€38), raisins (€38), pistachio (€48), and chocolate (€43). Chocolate panettone is the novelty of recent years: an upgrade in terms of taste and ingredients used which has seen the transition from simple chocolate chips to a real 55% Cameroon chocolate dough, covered with a cocoa almond spread.

A product that requires up to 2 hours of extra leavening compared to the other flavors of Cavalletti’s Roman panettone. The doughs are “set in motion” starting from 6 am and each of them rises for three hours, away from each other, so that they can rest all night before re-kneading and rising again.

The format is unique – 750 g – except for the classic version also available in the 2 kg option.

Like many other pastry shops in Rome, also at Cavalletti you can find also other foodie gifts, such as other desserts typical of the Christmas holidays: ricciarelli, bocconcini, rolli, struffoli, marzipan biscuits, gingerbread, and pangiallo.

  • Where: Coffee shops in Via San Sebastianello 7A (Piazza di Spagna), Viale Parioli 45, Viale Europa 20, Via Ugo Ojetti 85. Pastry shops in Via Nemorense 179, Via di Vigna Stelluti 204, Largo di Colli Albani 36.
  • When: Opening hours vary, usually open every day 7 am-8/9 pm.-
  • Website.
Image: New Food Gluten makes one of the best gluten-free panettone in Rome.

New Food Gluten Free

New Food Gluten Free started its production of artisanal panettone almost 10 years ago, coinciding with the opening of the first store. The panettone, all strictly gluten and dairy-free, is produced in their laboratories. A unique product this year will fully follow tradition with the use of butter, mother yeast, honey, and flour, all the necessary ingredients for it to be called panettone.

The 550 g format is unique for both the traditional version (with Australian raisins and very high-quality candied fruit) and the dark chocolate version. The dough is subjected to a double leavening, the first lasting 15 hours and then the second before being baked.

Their panettone can be purchased, at the price of 19€, in all New Food Gluten Free stores and also at the New Food Experience restaurant in Via Germanico 190 in the Prati district where it will also be possible to find it on the dessert menu for a tasty end to the Christmas meal.

  • Where: Prati (Via Germanico 190); Monteverde (Piazza Alberto Scotti 18); Ponte Milvio Bridge (Via Riano 52); Ponte Sisto (Piazza S. Vincenzo Pallotti 208); Casal Palocco (Via di Casal Palocco 24).
  • When: Opening hours vary but it’s usually every day 9 am-8 pm.
  • Website.


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