10 Best Maritozzi in Rome – Where to Find Rome’s Iconic Pastry

The maritozzo is so famous and beloved among locals and tourists, that a couple of years ago, they even founded the “maritozzo day”. But what are the pastry shops and bakeries that make the best maritozzi in Rome?

Among the most popular places that never show any sign of cooling is certainly Regoli, a famous pastry shop in Rome. But this is not the only café where you can find and enjoy a good maritozzo for a gluttony breakfast or a sinful snack.

Thankfully, in fact, you will find great maritozzi across the city in many bakeries, bars, and pastry shops including Casa Manfredi in Aventine Hill, Andreotti in Ostiense, and Panificio Bonci in Prati.

Ready to satisfy your sweet tooth? Read on!

Image: Some of the best maritozzi in Rome.

The most famous and best maritozzi in Rome + Map


Located in the Esquilino neighborhood, Regoli is one of the most historic and iconic pastry shops in Rome, one that never fails to attract locals and tourists alike. While their maritozzo is not the only reason for fame for Regoli, we must admit that it’s a pretty big one.

Widely regarded as producing some of the best maritozzi in Rome, it’s hard to say if it’s because of their age-long reputation or because of the guilty pleasure their huge classic Roman pastries filled with soft cream offer to both regulars and curious new customers.

Truth is, allowing yourself to tuck into one of Regoli’s maritozzi is one of those experiences you can’t leave Rome without having, whether you are staying 3 days or a week.

  • Where: Via dello Statuto 60.
  • Website.


Linari in Testaccio is known as one of the places serving a great breakfast in Rome. Along with a rich display of all types of pastries, cakes, and tarts, Linari’s maritozzi are hard to resist and many are the regulars and the new customers who feel adventurous enough to order one for breakfast.

Giant and fluffy enough, their classic flavor and consistency always deliver to the most demanding palates.

  • Where: Via Nicola Zabaglia 9.
  • Website.
Image: Maritozzi in Rome.

Casa Manfredi Aventino

Nestled in the romantic environment of Aventine Hill, Casa Manfredi is one of those high-end pastry shops you can rely on in every season. Famous for their panettone for Christmas, their Easter cakes, as well as classic Italian and international cakes and pastries, the maritozzo of Casa Manfredi contains raisins in the dough and the cream is topped with natural vanilla.

  • Where: Viale Aventino 91/93.
  • Website.


Faro is known for their specialty coffee but they also produce delicious pastries. Their maritozzo comes in two types. The dough of both of them is made with high-quality Italian flour and natural sourdough, but the filling is different.

One is classic with milk cream and one has been dubbed “maricordo”, as a pun to use half of the word maritozzo but incorporate also the term “ricordo”, Italian for memory. Faro’s “maricordo” has the shape of the classic maritozzo but instead of the white whipped cream, there is a yellow more like custard cream topped with pine nuts, a sort of “grandma cream”.

When in doubt, try them both!

Il Maritozzaro

An institution in Trastevere, aptly named Maritozzaro has been feeding the population some of the best maritozzi in Rome since 1960. You can enjoy a giant maritozzo for breakfast or a smaller one at any other time of the day up to midnight.

Along with the classic version, here the maritozzo comes in a few variants such as the one with cream and sour cherries or the classic topped with additional chocolate or pistachio cream. If you wish for a lighter pastry, fret not, Il Maritozzaro offers a wide choice.

  • Where: Via Ettore Rolli 50.

Federico Prodon Patisserie

Superstar of the Roman pastry scene, Federico Prodon has opened his elegant patisserie in Borgo Pio, next to the Vatican Museums.

With a rich choice of sweet treats from croissants to seasonal cakes such as Christmas panettone and Easter Colomba, their version of Roman maritozzo (soft dough and fresh cream) couldn’t miss its place on the counter. The cream comes in different flavors such as coffee-infused and covered with small strawberries.

  • Where: Vicolo del Farinone 19.
  • Website.


Grué is an elegant and large bar and pastry shop in the Nomentano/Trieste neighborhood of Rome and makes all the traditional Italian and international cakes, pastries, and sweets. Among these, there is the unmissable maritozzo.

Grué’s version of maritozzo comes with a soft bun and a filling of a first layer of custard cream topped with a thicker layer of whipped cream.

  • Where: Viale Regina Margherita 95.
  • Website.
Image: Sayed from Rome Actually eating a maritozzo in Rome.

Panificio Bonci

Panificio Bonci is a famous bakery in Rome. Rather than a wide range of cakes, their specialty is bread, but the maritozzo couldn’t be missing. Like everything Bonci produces, also his maritozzi are made with high-quality ingredients starting from the flour for the bun dough.

His bakery is in the Trionfale/Prati neighborhood, not far from his popular pizza place that you saw me mentioning quite often because it really makes one of my favorite pizzas in Rome.

  • Where: Via Trionfale 36.
  • Website.


One of the historic pastry and coffee shops in Rome, Andreotti is in Ostiense and is constantly busy. On weekdays, it’s very busy during breakfast time as well as for lunch, on the weekend, Romans have breakfast a little later but the place gets usually crowded.

All types of pastries are served and their puffy, cream-filled maritozzo is one of the biggest stars of the show.

  • Where: Via Ostiense 54/56.
  • Website.

Il Maritozzo Rosso

So you have tried the sweet maritozzo and like it so much that you are wondering if the Italian creativity came up with a savory version. Don’t worry, we found that too for you. With a choice of the best gourmet maritozzi in Rome, Il Maritozzo Rosso is a feast for your tasting buds.

You can have it as a snack or make it your lunch or dinner. Some of their options are savory maritozzo buns stuffed with stracciatella fresh cheese and anchovies, sweet and sour pork, or octopus and potatoes among others.

Their Trastevere venue is rather narrow and bistrot-style with limited seats especially if they don’t put tables outdoors. In Prati, they have a larger and more comfortable space to sit.

  • Where: Vicolo del Cedro 26 (Trastevere), Via Pietro Cavallini 25 (Prati).
  • Website.


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